New York Shitty Day Starter: 373 Graham Avenue, Revisited

As is often the case the story behind a photograph is often as compelling— if not more so— than the image itself. This was certainly the case yesterday after I took this one. “Joe”, as he is known both in the neighborhood and online— saw fit to come out the front door and shout at me. He wanted me to stop taking photos of his establishment.

Given this very same fellow wanted to make my acquaintance not too long ago while playing “air guitar” with a mop to Van Halen (“Dance the Night Away”, I would have preferred “Unchained”) I was a mite bit surprised— but unshaken.

I informed “Joe” that I was perfectly within my rights to take photos of his establishment. Believe it or not, this reasonable (and legally nuanced) response seemed to make an impression on him. This is the only reason I can muster as to why it took him a few seconds to shout another inquiry at me:

What are you going to do with these photos?

Post them online

I replied and walked off. I was once told by a very wise man named Tim* that all a man (or woman) has is his (or her) word. And that I have just kept.

A few closing thoughts:

  1. The assorted detritus on the sidewalk (including a chair with a half-smoked cigar on it) falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Consumer Affairs and possibly the Department of Transportation (as it involves obstructing our city’s sidewalks).
  2. The material obstructing the entrance to the apartments upstairs is blocking the primary means of egress. This is a violation of fire code provided (what I have heard is true) that someone is residing in any/all of the apartments upstairs. Which brings me to…
  3. This building, per the Department of Buildings Building Information System, does not have a Certificate of Occupancy, thus (theoretically**) no one should be residing here in the first place.

Nuance your 311 complaints accordingly, folks.

*There are many wise men named Tim.

**Note that I wrote “theoretically”.


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