Urban Fur: Stray Cat Strut

(sort of)

Feral and fed on Judge Street nys

A fulsome feral fella from Judge Street.

Afternoon Nap nys

A pampered pussy just down the block.

Garfield in bondage nys

Garfield in bondage via a truck grill a little further down. Maujer Street, methinks.

Cat Hotel Meserole Street nys

Naturally I had to check in on my favorite feral cat Callie. So I headed east on Meserole Street. Therein I discovered the “Cat Hotel”!

SGI nys

Alas, neither she nor her “friend” Peter were to be found. However, her on-again/off-again companion from across the street was holding court.

One handsome tuxedo nys

He’s one handsome— and thankfully ear-tipped— fellow.

Smudgehead nys

And last, but hardly least, this lass.

Working Class Cat nys

Tunny reveal nys

Meserole Street Cat nys

She put on quite a show for yours truly— and in return got ample rubbins!

Meserole Street Cat 2 nys


2 Comments on Urban Fur: Stray Cat Strut

  1. Agnieszka G on Fri, 10th Nov 2017 8:52 am
  2. Hi!

    When did you take these photos? A few weeks ago I had brunch at Champs and spotted this white kitty… I want to take her and have her adopted but I’m not sure if she’s still there.

    She looked almost identical to the white one (as far as I remember).

    Will I find her there?

  3. scoker3 on Thu, 30th Nov 2017 11:59 pm
  4. This post dates from 2014.

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