North Greenpoint Photos Du Jour: Bodega Daze

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The following photographs may not necessarily depict bodegas per se but they do represent the way north Greenpoint has changed, for better or worse.


R.I.P at Eagle and Franklin Street.


Renovated, empanadaed and in demand down the block.


This was my bodega of choice when I lived on Clay Street.


This is not a bodega. However, Acapulco Deli & Restaurant resides next to the S & A Deli and is one of the most underrated diners in the Garden Spot. What’s more, now they’re sporting a fancy new awning!


Greenpoint Furniture formerly (and possibly currently)  known as “DONE DEAL$”.


I was never too big on this one (too much emphasis on meat) but the “presentation” is nice. Good place to buy soda, though.


Such is the life nowadays in north Greenpoint. Of all the people depicted in the above photograph who do you most identify with? More importantly, does it even matter?

We’re all in this together for better or worse, Greenpointers. Best to direct our angst or get a collective chuckle out of people who write stuff like this:

I have to say that all of the places in Brooklyn and Manhattan that I considered moving to, I did not consider Greenpoint at first.  Then I saw the posting for the 305 McGuinness Lofts in early February. I am a huge sucker for apartment porn, as I call it, and the new condo-turned-rental developments are great for that.  This was a Craigslist listing for a brand new triplex: 3 BRs, 2 BAs, brand new appliances, loft like ceilings, on-site parking and a gym. Shane and I quickly agreed: Yep, going to see that. Per the broker, Baris, these had just hit the market and so far they had curious locals coming to see the building.*

So we went on a cloudy Sunday. Getting off of the G train at the Greenpoint Ave stop and seeing the Starbucks warmed the cockles of my heart. We had a lot of time so we went to see the open house that was posted on Craigslist for 110 Green St.  The road itself was desolate but on the right-hand side there was this huge building. It had no sign (later discovered it had been called the Viridian, and was very famous for having Magic Johnson as an investor, and even more famous for going bankrupt last month) and it was very clearly still under construction. We checked out the model apartment, which was extraordinarily tiny. They were, and still are, charging $2,900 for a 2 BR and $3,600 for a 3 BR, so I was curious to check them out. There were many potential tenants and only 1 sales rep. He took us to see the area where there supposedly will be a huge, olympic sized swimming pool (suuuuuure), and then this enormous atrium, which was supposed to have had a fountain, but then explained that the original plans had already been downgraded to now include a simple lounge area instead. At that point, we ran out of time, so we left unimpressed, thinking they needed a reality check.  With those prices and 138 new units to rent, each with limited space, it seems to be a daunting task, indeed.

After that disappointment, we headed off to 305 McGuinness Lofts. McGuinness Blvd, for those who don’t know (and I didn’t) is a very noisy, busy road with traffic gunning to and from Brooklyn and Queens via the Pulaski bridge. The apartment building was under heavy construction (and still is), with wires dangling and walls unfinished. We were shown the triplexes and duplexes. The triplexes were cool: 1200+ sq feet in each, with 2 entrances, 2 bedrooms & 1 bathroom on the bottom floor, kitchen with huge windows and decent living/dining space on the 2nd floor and then the third floor mezzanine with another room that will (one day, in theory) have sliding glass doors overlooking the living/dining area, and another bathroom. W/D comes with every unit, as does central air, lovely new appliances and huge windows. I wasn’t crazy about the bedrooms, which were small, and the limited amount of closet space in each, but overall, it was a nice place for a relatively decent price.

But nice floors, beautiful appliances, kitchen, huge windows and only $3,000 with a free month thrown in. Add in on-site parking and the gym? Awesome! Duplexes with 2 bedrooms plus an area for an office space, had a nicer view but the 2nd floor/mezzanine had a ridiculously low ceiling, barely clearing Shane’s head, and they only had 1 bathroom. Additionally, the mezzanine/2nd bedroom shared a huge window with the master suite, and the two rooms were not completely shutoff from each other due to that window, so we figured, if we lived here, it’d be the triplex…

Yes, this was ostensibly written by a “real person”. While gloating over the “lovely new appliances” and “huge windows” our wannabe/soon-to-be neighbor didn’t notice the rather fragrant and enormous waste treatment plant one block away.

Real estate shill or simply clueless?

I’ll let you make the call. A triplex overlooking the Shit Tits, anyone?

Miss Heather

*This is true. We stare in dumbfounded amazement at this edifice wondering why some dumbass, a bankrolled one at that, would build such a turd on McGuinness Boulevard. Daily. It is a constant source of amusement.

P.S.: The 184 Eagle Street post is a HOOT:

When we were first heading over to Greenpoint to check out 305 McGuinness I also put in a call to check out the listing for a luxury 2 BR, 2 BA with mezzanine place (pics above), complete with on-site parking.  Was told by the real estate agent that it was for 184 Eagle Street but that tenants were in the place so I couldn’t see it that day (Sunday).  Weekdays weren’t good for me so I passed.

Then a few weeks back Brownstoner picked up on a story posted by New York Shitty about 184 Eagle St doing hostel duty on the side.  Apparently a tipster found the Craigslist posting.  So…while they wait for a real rental, they’re making money by renting out the place on a weekly basis where you can get either a bunk bed ($28 per night) or a private room ($78 per night).  Um, ew?

Um, welcome to my reality lady. I have seen a number of my neighbors— renters all— “displaced” by development. It happens like this: a developer purchases 1,2,3 lots in a row— usually because the landholder cannot afford the real estate taxes— and the tenants are forced to vacate. And in the place of their former homes are erected testaments to gentrification such as 110 Green Street, 184 Eagle Street and 305 McGuinness. Their target demographic: people like you.

But the locations are deemed “too crude” by people like you (greed and easy credit makes developers do silly things) so they have to find more creative ways to meet their loan debt like skipping over the whole Certificate of Occupancy thing.


Or employing a dead condo (“nondo”) as an illegal hostel/hotel. Thus generating what is my opinion one of the most hilarious complaints I have ever seen on the Department of Buildings web site.


Who says gentrification/displacement can’t be funny?


8 Comments on North Greenpoint Photos Du Jour: Bodega Daze

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  1. walrustaco on Mon, 30th Mar 2009 4:07 pm
  2. Only $3,000 a month? Wow, where can I sign up? Can I sign my name in feces on the lease?

  3. green_pointless on Mon, 30th Mar 2009 5:02 pm
  4. Bravo Miss Heather!

    I personally feel that anyone that moves into these unsightly structures is not a friend of greenpoint, and is therefore making this neighborhood – not nice. These buildings and their developers are creating a mass homogenization to a city that has always been so proud of its diversity. The reason greenpoint is a great neighborhood is because of the wonderful folks that live and work here not because of low crime rates, good schools or starbucks on manhattan ave.

  5. dbcn on Mon, 30th Mar 2009 9:49 pm
  6. @greenpoint_less:


    your comments are INANE.

    >I personally feel that anyone that moves into these unsightly structures is not a friend of greenpoint, and > is therefore making this neighborhood – not nice.

    wtf are you talking about? what the fuck is a ‘friend of greenpoint?’ Is it a club? am I a member? Where’s my t-shirt?

    How dare you judge somebody simply for wanting to move here? You’re the type of person that makes greenpoint suck.

    There are currently two types of properties on the market in greenpoint: new condos, of varying build quality (a few decent, but a lot of crap), and houses that haven’t been touched in 20 years that require a total renovation. End of story. There simply is no middle ground. Having been looking for property for two years, if you want to move into a place that doesn’t require a gut renovation, you’re buying a new condo. Judging somebody as ‘not a nice person’ because they don’t have a million dollars to drop on some shit hole single family simply doesn’t make any sense. I’m not a fan of the condos on McGuinness either, but if it works for somebody, great.

    >The reason greenpoint is a great neighborhood is because of the wonderful folks that live and work here >not because of low crime rates, good schools or starbucks on manhattan ave.

    yes, low crime rates like gunfire at the production lounge? I’ve lived here for several years now and have met both good people and total fucking assholes who have lived here for ages. In general, I find the people who live here simply not that friendly, and certainly not friendly towards anyone moving in, like yourself, apparently.

    And Starbucks is right next to McDonalds, which is a few doors down from the Nathans/Dunkin Donuts hydra. Do you have a personal vendetta against Starbucks, or Is your issue that Starbucks is a chain and people shouldn’t like chains? If somebody’s attracted to the neighborhood because of a Starbucks, then great for them, that just means less people at Peter Pan.

    If they were moving to a run-down single family and were psyched that the neighborhood had great kielbasa, would that have been better? Would they then have been a ‘friend of greenpoint?’

    seriously. I want my fucking t-shirt.

  7. missheather on Mon, 30th Mar 2009 10:41 pm
  8. What’s inane is charging almost $3,000 for a two bedroom apartment in Greenpoint. Or taking a condominium with no valid Certificate of Occupancy and running an illegal hotel out of it. These are not things that improve the quality of life in this neighborhood. Quite to the contrary, illegal hotels and high vacancy rates encourage crime.

    Frankly I hope all this crap is converted into affordable housing. Will it happen? Probably not. But one can always hope…

  9. dbcn on Tue, 31st Mar 2009 6:05 am
  10. Agreed – but it’s no different than rent gouging in any other neighborhood. The onus is on the renter to know what rental rates are, if you think $3k is affordable for the neighborhood, then the owner isn’t going to complain.

    My point was that immediately dismissing anybody as ‘not a nice person’ for looking at a place that doesn’t meet your requirements is shortsighted at best, and at worst will be taken as a representation of how the neighborhood views people moving in, which it absolutely shouldn’t be, but apparently is.

  11. Greenpointless on Tue, 31st Mar 2009 6:50 am
  12. Hey! Who’s copying my name? I’m no fan of the new condos but those comments weren’t from me.

  13. Zohray on Tue, 7th Apr 2009 3:07 pm
  14. 305 Lofts McGuinness Flash Update…

    We’ve been documenting our apartment search, and the relative frustration we experienced when we attempted to secure a lease at 305 McGuinness, and until now, I had to admit to a bit of schadenfreude when I saw the problems that the building was …

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