New York Shitty Day Starter: Manhattan Avenue Is The Pits!

September 28, 2009 by
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Last weekend was a busy one for yours truly (hence why today’s postings are delayed: I slept for twelve hours last night. I suppose I was tired.) However, I was not so harried as to fail that something is afoot with north Greenpoint’s tree pits— such as this faux stone and tulip number as seen above (and can be found north of Eagle Street). This suspicion was confirmed when I patronized the local liquor store at 1071 Manhattan Avenue.


I wrote about this, a most amazing tree pit, back in June. In the elapsing months it would appear my tome came to community’s attention.



I have known the proprietor of this store, Ada, for years. So you can imagine her surprise when I told her I was the person who wrote this. She immediately grabbed the man who made this and gave him the good news. He did not want me to publish his name, but agreed that I could call him “Anonymous Plumber”. Follow are a few things “Anonymous Plumber” had to say about Greenpoint’s most famous tree pit:

  1. He was the one who designed and fabricated it.
  2. It is constructed entirely of wood he and his neighbors had laying around. He stripped it and varnished it. How’s that for resourceful!
  3. He didn’t understand what the big deal was— but did note that after his pit garnered so much attention the bodega across the street decided to follow suit.


Could this be the beginning of a Greenpoint tree pit war? Although our newest tree pit protector/street seating is more Spartan (Modern?) than its predecessor, it is a most welcome addition to the neighborhood. Inasmuch as I rail against the pervasive sense of apathy which plagues my community this is a (very welcome) reminder that some people do in fact care— and are willing to invest some time and elbow grease to make the Garden Spot a nicer place. Way to go guys!

Miss Heather


One Comment on New York Shitty Day Starter: Manhattan Avenue Is The Pits!

  1. Xris (Flatbush Gardener) on Tue, 29th Sep 2009 6:12 am
  2. We’re retraining ourselves to refer to them them as tree beds, as in flower beds.

    Doesn’t lend itself to your snappy titles, thought.

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