New York Shitty Videos du Jour: Squid on a Stick

October 29, 2009 by
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A great many interesting items surface at the junk shop. I suppose this is to be expected given the merchandise comes from estate sales, apartment clean-outs and storage facility auctions. In my experience the weirdest (and creepiest) items we have opened a box to encounter are as follows:

  • Bottles of holy water with skin shavings in them.
  • A funerary urn— occupied by someone who has departed this mortal coil.
  • An incinerated woman’s nightgown with a sandwich encased in it. By Larry’s guesstimation these were about ten years old.

But the previous macabre examples are the exception— not the rule. Nonetheless culinary items do on occasion darken our doorstop. Today it was a box of Chinese herbs and what can best be described as a “squid on a stick”. Now toss in that Larry da Junkman has started a diet and therefore is a little daft for lack of caffeine and carbohydrates. Hilarity ensued.

Now jump forward to ten minutes later. Despite employing Febreeze AND aerosol air freshener the store was beginning to smell like beef jerky that had been marinated in someone’s ass. Something had to be done. And Larry got a very evil notion.

This post goes out to Catherine at Papasito’s for being a good sport!

Miss Heather


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