Greenpoint Fashion Watch: Pretty In Pink

November 9, 2009 by
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The other day we had a “family unit patronize the junk shop. It was of a variety I am seeing more frequently nowadays: an affluent co-ed, her boyfriend, mom and pop. My coworker Cass and I watched in amazement as this foursome spent no less than ten minutes debating the pros and cons of a $30.00 rug. At one point the mother even asked us if we knew where it came from— as if we would know such a thing in an unexpected  Antiques Roadshow moment. We answered that we had no idea. Eventually they broke down, bought the rug and went on their way. I turned to Cass and said:

I cannot imagine having the kind of life where I need a team of four people to help me purchase a rug. Seriously, it must be interesting to have the luxury of filling your head with that kind of crap.

Cass nodded in agreement and I continued:

So help me I pray to god that when I get to be that woman’s age I will not dress like that. What is it about affluent middle-aged women and the “Stevie Nicks”/urban medicine woman look? She looks like she ought to be hawking smudge sticks in Santa Fe.

We all get older. This is a fact of life no one relishes. But I gotta ask: does it have to be like this? I learned the answer to this question on Manhattan Avenue yesterday afternoon:

No, it doesn’t.


I cannot over-emphasize the Greenpoint glory of what you are seeing here. This GGilf (I will leave it to your imagination to deduce what this acronym means) not only has a rose in her flaming red hair, but is sporting a magenta leather blazer (who knew they made such things?) and coordinating plum colored micro-mini. Her ankle boots sport spiked heels (anything else on Manhattan Avenue would be passe) and her stockings were nothing short of amazing. Their pattern was a mix of sheer and opaque diamonds. Very mod.

I want to give a special New York Shitty salute to this Manhattan Avenue fashion plate. She is living proof one can be older and stylish! When I get to be this woman’s age I want to look like this. Hell, I want to look this good now!

Miss Heather


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  1. bitchcakes on Sat, 14th Nov 2009 8:53 pm
  2. She is pretty amazing. I wish I could see the stockings!

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