From The New York Shitty Inbox: Beast & Bling

I receive a lot of emails about cats needing homes. Some of them strike me as being dubious, e.g.; the person is simply tired of taking care of them and for this reason seeks my assistance. I am not going to lie to you: this makes me angry. Owning a companion animal is a lifelong commitment. Pets are not something that can simply be thrown away when you no longer want them or prove to be tiresome. They are sentient beings, not chattel. I mention the previous because when I received the following solicitation I was, to be perfectly frank, a bit leery. After some online “discussion” my concerns were quickly assuaged. Not that this made me any happier: it didn’t. Read on and you’ll learn why. Laura writes:

I know you are dedicated to finding wayward kitties good homes. I was wondering if you could help put the word out about these two fine ladies. I took them in after they were abandoned by a evil roommate who took off to Kansas and now can’t be found. He went on a “hiatus” from NYC and I agreed to temporarily take care of the cats. I guess he decided to never come back… They are wonderful kitties, but they are having serious problems dealing with our new baby and my other cat. There has been some hissing at the baby and many fights with the other cat. I’m worried about what might happen (we live in a railroad, so there’s no way to separate). I really do not want to bring these cats to a shelter — they are really affectionate sweet kitties and deserve a good home.


Beast is a fluffy blackish grey approximately ten-year-old kitty, taken in at the same time as Bling. She is spayed, in excellent health and also may need some updates on her shots. Beast is a very small kitty and looks kind of like a mythical woodland creature. This cat will love you ’til you don’t know what to do. She loves to curl up on your lap  and purr (and you hardly notice because she’s so light). She has an extremely sweet disposition and tolerates children quite well, but not other cats (except for Bling.) She is litter box trained and also good about using the scratching post. She is playful and also an excellent flycatcher and mouser.


Bling is an approximately ten-year-old silver tabby. She has been spayed and is in excellent health. She may need some updates on her shots. Bling is a well behaved, playful and extremely loving cat. She loves to chase her laser toy, roll around on the floor purring and rest her head in your lap while you pet her. She is litter box trained and is very good about clawing the scratching post and not the furniture. Bling is not a fan of kids or other cats (except for Beast, her “sister” who she gets along with fine.)

Anyone interested in giving these two cuties the loving (and preferably child-free) home they so richly deserve should contact Laura via email at: elchipz (at) gmail (dot) com


Miss Heather


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