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One of the joys of the junk shop (and there are many) is it has enabled me to meet lots of people. One such individual is a chap named Joe. A few weeks ago struck up a conversation with my boss (and buddy) Larry about monster movie hosts. As the conversation progressed he made it known that he was in the neighborhood taking photographs and wanted advice as to what to shoot. Without hesitation Larry and I said:

The Shit Tits.

We are of the belief that no visit to Greenpoint is complete without viewing this landmark in its resplendent bullet bra glory. Like it or hate it one had to admit it is one of the defining characteristics of our fair burgh. What’s more, I think it is pretty neat! Anyhoo, Joe and I exchanged information, I got busy and forgot about it. Until yesterday when Joe dropped me a line. He writes:

I was talking to Larry and you about Monster Movie hosts. After I wandered through Greenpoint and across to Queens, taking pictures all the way. Here’s the link.

Click the link I did. What I found was pretty darned cool!

A pair of Garden Spot sneaks.

Children at play.

And of course, our beloved Shit Tits.

All in all I found it refreshing to see our neighborhood from another person’s eyes. Those of you who have a moment should click here and peruse Joe’s photo set from his sojourn in the Garden Spot. It’s really neat!

Miss Heather


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