Happy Mother’s Day From New York Shitty!


I am not now a mother nor do I ever care to become one. Whatever genetic predilection towards child-bearing I was to receive at birth I never got. While some women fret over their under-sized breasts and see fit to “augment” them, I rejoice having AA cups because they do not interfere with my use of power tools. I was supposed to be a woman. Instead I became a cat lady.

Which brings me to today’s Mother’s Day post. It is about a kitten named Rozza.

Lisacat writes on May 7, 2010:

Rozza was rescued in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. A woman was walking a friend’s dog and noticed the dog was carrying something in his mouth. She thought it was a rat, but it turned out to be a tiny kitten less than a week old. His eyes were still closed and he was listless and filthy. The woman rushed him to the vet who told her to get a bottle and formula and try to feed him. When she went to Muddy Paws for supplies, Robin referred her to me. I took him in and have cleaned him up, removing the fly eggs from two wounds that could be bites, but more likely some other kind of injury. Note that the vet did nothing to clean him or even notice the open wounds! Rozza is in bad shape, not nursing and very weak. He is taking formula a drop at a time. I’m flushing the holes and giving him fluids and antibiotics.

Yesterday Rozza was nursing with gusto!

With a little encouragement from Ma Gandolf— the dog!

Drunk on formula and love.


Mothers come in all stripes. Occasionally they come with whiskers and tails.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Miss Heather


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