Blue Light Special

(Or, 214 Green Street Gets Lit)

Last night I had a craving for nachos so I decided to make a run to our spiffy new Taco Bell. When I did I noticed an azure glow emanating from McGuinness Boulevard and Green Street. My fair ‘nabe being bathed in a blue haze in rainy weather is nothing unusual. It’s one of the more interesting and under reported side effects from our waste treatment plant: the lighting from the Shit Tits is reflected in the clouds above. Truth be told, it’s rather pretty. But this blue hue was very much located on terra firma. I decided to go in for a closer look.

It would appear the new condominium at 214 Green Street has spiced up its facade with blue neon lights. This building has been the source of considerable debate between the Mister and yours truly. He, on the one hand, rather likes the red stucco facade. I, on the other, am of the belief it does not make up for:

  1. the rather oppressive use of black brick
  2. the fact this building is wildly out of context with its much more diminutive neighbors.

But even I have to admit this news (and if I may so,very Las Vegas) addition has cast my trepidations about “context” in, well, a new light.

The fact of the matter is garish lighting IS contextually in keeping with the overall je nais sais quoi of McGuinness Boulevard.

And a number of the balconies at 214 Green Street (and it sports many) afford wonderful views of it.

Where do I sign?

Miss Heather


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