Greenpoint Pay Phone Du Jour: Munchies

More often than not the Garden Spot’s public pay phones are a haven for empty with fifths of vodka, brandy and/or packs of cigarettes. So you can imagine my surprise when I spied this array of sensible snacks (replete with Hi-C!) at Greenpoint Avenue this afternoon. Could this be yet another sign of Greenpoint gentrification? I’ll let you, dear readers, make the call.

Miss Heather


2 Comments on Greenpoint Pay Phone Du Jour: Munchies

  1. bestviewinbrooklyn on Thu, 29th Jul 2010 7:02 am
  2. Looks more like someone nabbed a couple of kids’ (probably siblings) snack bags thinking there was something more enticing inside. As a mom, this makes me so sad for whoever was counting on giving the kids these snacks when they started getting ants-in-their-pants and whiny.

    Good eye, Miss Heather!

  3. janimpala on Sat, 31st Jul 2010 12:02 am
  4. From the looks of the contents and the bags used, I can say with some degree of accuracy that these are someone’s leftovers from the bag lunches that St. Johns and Messiah make with Greenpoint Reformed for the hungry and homeless.

    I guess whomever only liked the baloney n cheese sandwiches.

    Maybe they were saving it for later?

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