New York Shitty Video Du Jour: A Fish Tale

It would appear someone caught a fish in Newtown Creek and employed it (along with some gray paint— or perhaps this substance too was derived the creek? I certainly wouldn’t rule it out, in any case.) for a little art project on Manhattan Avenue. Enjoy!

Does anyone have the 411 on this? If so, please share via comments or shoot me an email at: missheather (at) thatgreenpointblog (dot) com. Your identity will remain anonymous if you so desire. Thanks!

Miss Heather

UPDATE, 10:09 p.m.: It would appear this fish swam (or for those of you who believe in evolution: crawled) upstream… all the way to the Newtown Creek Nature Walk!

Laura (who took the above photos) writes:

Hi Heather! Evidently, the fish prints you found at Manhattan St. End Park, lead down to the Nature Walk. Mike and I ended up debating about them. At one point the fish appear on the wall of the NCWPCP. I like the fish. Mike doesn’t.

Are we Greenpointers witnessing the birth of a new species or is it spawning season in the Garden Spot? I can only hope so— on both counts. Given the contentious nature of our soon-to-be past summer our community could use a little love. In any case, prior to this fish tale this park has been utilized/repurposed as:

  1. A hamster burial ground
  2. A campsite/squat

I can hardly wait to see what’s next.


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