Greenpoint Pay Phone Du Jour: Disconnected

October 9, 2010 by
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Over the last couple of weeks yours truly has noticed the above pay phone (which is located at 1005 Manhattan Avenue) has become rather popular with certain individuals in my community. Or to put it more accurately: one man will use the phone while his buddies (all of whom seem to have a lot of free time on their hands) hang around and wait. This very scenario came to pass last Thursday. They were there for at least 20 minutes. Some may say it takes a village to raise a child, but in yours truly’s experience it does not take a team of buddies to call one’s mother— if you know what I mean. Suffice it to say I found this activity to be more than a little suspicious. Now jump forward to today: October 9, 2010.

It would appear I am not the only person who has taken notice of this phenomenon.

What I find fascinating is how this anonymous saboteur not only saw fit to remove the receiver in its entirety— cord and all— but went to the additional trouble of filling the coin slot with grout. The final “fuck you”, if you will, is the fact he (or she) left the bottle cap with which he (or she) applied said grout on the top of said phone. I’m guessing so as to make it clear this was not an accident.

So it goes on the wild west fringe of the County of Kings: Greenpoint Brooklyn, USA.

Miss Heather


2 Comments on Greenpoint Pay Phone Du Jour: Disconnected

  1. Lisanne! on Sat, 9th Oct 2010 11:58 pm
  2. Where I am the local pond scum would never use a Verizon phone. But this one has a number on it. Very bad, this gives the caller the opportunity of calling back, unless Verizon blocks this phone from callbacks. I bet not in this case, which was why they were using it.

  3. missheather on Sun, 10th Oct 2010 12:03 am
  4. EXACTLY! What I want to know is who did this. Clearly they knew what they were doing.

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