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December 29, 2010 by
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Lot’s Wife writes:

I read your blog frequently, and I always appreciate your dedication to pointing out what is NOT working (and what is) in our neighborhood.  Which brings me to my point of concern.  Perhaps you’ll have some advice for me or at the least let your readers know of this sure-fire money making opportunity.

The Rite Aid that everyone loves on Manhattan Ave., the one with the disco interior that people like to show off to newbies and tourists, has a backside on Lorimer between Meserole and Norman.  Maybe you knew this or maybe you didn’t.  In any case, the manager of RiteAid appears not to know or care about the back of the building.  Every single year the Lorimer side is neglected.  This wouldn’t matter, but Lorimer Street is a very residential block with a fair share of elderly people, children, and dogs.  Broken glass is strewn along the sidewalk which never gets cleaned up.  There is no street light across the entire stretch of the building so that even though the building is around the corner from the police station, it becomes a haven for drunks throughout the night who leave their urine and feces about, which also never gets cleaned.

What bothers me most is that EVERY SINGLE WINTER they don’t shovel the sidewalk when it snows.  And if ever they do, it’s a 5 inch path.  This year is no different.  Everybody on the block, including the elderly owners of buildings managed to clear their snow before 11am the next day after the storm – in other words, yesterday.  It’s the law and no one wanted to get ticketed.  It’s also a courtesy to the people in our community who have trouble walking down the street on the best of days.  Rite Aid STILL has not shoveled.  I called the manager of the store today and he said that he put in a call this morning to get it done.  This morning.  A day after everyone else in Greenpoint had already shoveled.  They managed to shovel the Manhattan Avenue entrance yesterday morning, but not the Lorimer side.  I’ve left a message with their corporate office and am awaiting a return call.

I would like to invite you or anyone to slip and fall outside the ass of their building and sue them.

Having seen the splendor— if you can call it that— which is the backside of this establishment myself I can personally attest it is revolting. Aside from perhaps taking photographs and submitting them via 311 online I am drawing a blank. Thoughts, anyone?

Miss Heather


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  1. a neighbor on Wed, 29th Dec 2010 10:29 pm
  2. Other businesses who don’t shovel:

    Bank of America
    Capitol One Bank on the Calyer St. and Lorimer St. sides.

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