Spotted At 205 Java Street: A Happy Ending

Some of you might recall the above bit of real estate insanity. I wrote about it on January 25th of this year. At the end of this tome I opined:

…My prognostication is as follows: if they fuck with their diminutive neighbor’s satellite television it will be war. Provided of course it hasn’t escalated to that level already.

Well, today I did a walk by and have some very good news to relay!

The satellite dish has been spared! After I took the above photographs the lady of the house inquired as to my interest in her property. I told her I was happy to see that her satellite dish has not been engulfed. To wit she replied:

I’m too good for them.

I then noted that her new neighbor is rather hideous. She agreed— but prefers to see the glass half full; since 285 – 303 McGuinness Boulevard has become her neighbor she no longer has issues with the wind (I am presuming the “perfume” from our local waste water treatment plant) and she no longer hears the traffic from McGuinness Boulevard. Now throw in that our diminutive protagonist’s satellite television is intact and I’d say we have a triple win— Greenpoint style!

Miss Heather


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