Urban Fur: Friends

Today as I was knocking along Manhattan Avenue I spied something rather amusing. A small female grey tabby prancing down the street. A pussy with a purpose, if you will. Much to my amazement she sauntered into New A. J. Farms Market. As many of you are aware this establishment has (fairly) recently acquired a new employee: a rather handsome fellow with black and white fur. His name means “butterfly” in Korean. Suspecting something very interesting was about to happen I headed into A. J. Farms without delay. What I found was rather remarkable.

Two buddies getting caught up on the morning’s events…

and “Butterfly’ was none too happy about me documenting it!

Shortly after taking the above photographs I asked the owner what gives. He told me that while he had no idea where this mystery lady was coming from this was, in fact, no an unusual occurrence.  It would appear “Butterfly” (who it should be noted is neutered) has a lady friend!

Miss Heather



2 Comments on Urban Fur: Friends

  1. rowan on Fri, 5th Aug 2011 5:09 pm
  2. <3 this. so sweet.

  3. SpillConspirator on Fri, 5th Aug 2011 8:12 pm
  4. That is soooo cute.

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