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I have good and bad news to share with you, dear readers. We’ll start with the good news first: the owner of said property has assured me he is going to leave this store’s distinctive (and downright lovely) front intact. And now the bad news: this will be yet another cell phone store. Verizon is set to make its debut on Manhattan Avenue. For those of you who are keeping count, this will be the fifth establishment located in this general area which offers this product. Here are the other four.

821 Manhattan Avenue (NOTE: Sprint has relocated to another space Manhattan Avenue, as you will see)

771 Manhattan Avenue

760 Manhattan Avenue

758 Manhattan Avenue

832 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222


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  1. SpillConspirator on Thu, 10th Nov 2011 5:56 pm
  2. It’s simply ridiculous. The reason merchants aren’t doing well along Manhattan Ave. is because there’s not enough variety to attract shoppers. I can’t go Christmas shopping on the avenue anymore. Here’s an example. Last week I went out shopping for my grandson’s birthday. I couldn’t find a boys size 8 jeans anywhere. You can’t find basic necessities along Manhattan Ave. But it’s filled with banks, cell stores, restaurants… Years ago, there was a huge variety of clothing stores; etc. There was no need to go out of the neighborhood during Christmas shopping season. I feel like I’ve been pushed into online chain stores.

  3. missheather on Thu, 10th Nov 2011 6:11 pm
  4. I see this more a result of rents on Manhattan Avenue becoming so prohibitively expensive that only chain stores/franchises can afford them. To our community’s (and small business owner’s) detriment. Did you try Cato’s for boy’s pants/jeans? You should moving forward as they probably have them! Buy local! 😉

  5. rutila on Thu, 10th Nov 2011 6:17 pm
  6. Rats! I was hoping for another bank or drugstore (preferably a Duane Reade, since we already have two Rite Aids).

  7. missheather on Thu, 10th Nov 2011 6:34 pm
  8. Cell phone vendors have become the new banks. Banks of course having been the old Thai restaurants. Progress, Rutila!

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