New York Shitty Day Starter: Nancy & Irene

Yesterday during a much welcome (if brief) break in the rain I had the honor of stumbling upon not one— but two— of Greenpoint’s most notable citizens on Manhattan Avenue. In front of the McDonald’s no less: an establishment which anyone in the know will tell you serves as the 24/7/365 Algonquin Roundtable for my community. Many opinions, ideas and schemes are exchanged there. Whether or not any of the previous are any good I have no idea. I am blissful in my ignorance.

Thus when I saw these two lass scheming I had to capture it! The more long-term community advocacy savvy among folks you, gentle readers, will recognize the woman at the left. Her name is Irene Klementowicz. Aside from being a bona fide A-#1 Greenpoint badass (my terminology, not hers*) she is also the co-chair of the Newtown Creek Monitoring Committee. Shes says she has retired. I have my doubts.

Conversely, many of you probably do not recognize the woman on the right. Her name is Nancy Redman. She too is a Garden Spot “A-lister”. Ms. Redman recently won Best Comedian award at the United Solo Theatre Festival for “Clutter”. Or as she put it to me:

My entire title is CLUTTER: I’m Saving My Life and It’s Killing Me!

I can assure you this sinecure is well deserved. She’s one funny gal. Way to go, Nancy!

*Irene’s take was as follows:

When I was number #1 I didn’t even know it.

I assured Irene she still is!


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