Spotted On Noble Street: Art For Sale

Today yours truly awakened in a similar state as yesterday: puffy eyes and sniffling. Yes, gentle readers, spring has arrived in Greenpoint— or fall never left. Take your pick. Mother Nature is not only a bitch, but given recent trends (READ: going from 74 degrees yesterday to 50-something today and purportedly back to 70’s again tomorrow with a chance thunderstorms) I suspect she might be a mite bit manic depressive as well. But I digress.

Given the options available to me, these being:

  1. staying indoors and feeling crappy or
  2. going outdoors and feeling crappy

I elected to do the latter— I am very glad I did! Nothing shakes off a case of the “grumpies” like knocking around one’s own neighborhood and finding ad hoc art exhibitions such as this one. While perhaps not to everyone’s taste these works do appear to be affordable…

or not. In any case the creator of these works is a seriously nice fellow. So much so I feel compelled to warn my fellow Greenpointers: if you demonstrate too much interest you may very well find yourself walking home with one. For free! That’s what happened to me back in 2008.


One Comment on Spotted On Noble Street: Art For Sale

  1. MaineBarnCat on Fri, 16th Mar 2012 12:47 pm
  2. Up here in northern New England, we are very familiar with your described temperature swings. Mostly, I wanted to say that I am ENCHANTED with your all-too-accurate description of Mother Nature as a manic-depressive bitch! I love it!

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