From The New York Shitty Inbox, Part II: Vollies Needed!

April 19, 2012 by
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The very kind lady who oversees the feral cat colony at the end of India Street, Tori, writes:

Hi Heather,

We met at the unfortunate demise of one of our cats at the River Colony… I’ve been telling people, recently, I’m missing a few cats down there. Their response is that it is spring, yada.

Anyway, I don’t think the filth helps much, viz-a-viz disease, if that is what this is. I’ve tried, but it is more crap and glass than one person can handle. When the city cleaned for the opening of the ferry, they did the whole area, *except* for the colony area, i.e. the area behind the barriers. Nice. And they had like, 50 workers. What would it have cost them to have swept and cleaned that area for me? Especially since I had been on the horn with the head of sanitation since a long time before the ferry was a gleam in whomever’s eye, trying to get a crew out there. C’est la… citie.

Would you be able to post this for me?

Tori goes on to add in a second email:

1. One of my feeders is unable to continue due to conflicts of work schedule, so I will need new volunteers for the colony at West Street for nighttime feeders,  5-7 pm. The ad should say “this is not for the cats at the ferry. That colony has two daily caretakers.”

I think people have seen the ad requesting feeders for a colony on India and assume it is for the cats at the ferry, because I have seen a huge uptick in human food debris and cat food cans being left randomly, which is a lot of extra work for me. Work I do not need, needless to say.

Therefore, I’m thinking of asking you, would it be possible for you to post a notice to people stating the following?

2. Please to not leave human food near the ferry for the cats. Bacon, ham, barbecue chicken, salad, Chinese food and sandwiches are some of the food the caretaker has to clean up in the morning. Pork products are especially harmful to the cats. The cats are fed twice a day and they do not eat human food. The food attracts ants, flies and vermin, particularly in the hot weather and is potentially a health problem for the colony. The caretakers are appreciative of your thoughtfulness.

Done— and done!

Photo Credits: This photo of yours truly’s favorite feline who calls India Street her home (her name is Esméralda, for those of you are wondering) was taken by yours truly. I have word she is safe and sound!


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