Reader Comment Du Jour: No Children Allowed At 239 Banker Street?

If a commenter we’ll call Wayne is to be believed this would appear to be the case. He writes:

The shenanigans at 239 Banker invoked enough curiosity that I called the broker. Apparently, these lofts have been renting like hotcakes as only five remain. I explained to the broker that I am looking for 1,500 square feet. Of course, he wanted to know my credit and income and how soon I could move in. Fair enough. Must have been my lucky day since of the five remaining lofts, there is one 1,500 square foot space. Upon further inquiry about what I could expect for a monthly rent of $4,000 [not the lesser amount noted on craigslist], the broker told me I would get just an open space. No heat. No hot water. Though the building has a laundry. Fair enough. It is what it is. I asked if the landlord would allow me to construct two bedrooms. Yes. I asked if a two-year lease was possible. No, was the retort. Only one year leases. I asked when my wife and two children could inspect the space. That’s when the conversation turned around. The broker informed me there’s graffiti across the street and all over, the area is dirty and very noisy, and the building in particular is very, very noisy. I explained to the broker that we are Greenpoint loft dwellers [100% legal building I might add] and what he was stating about the neighborhood does not match reality [except for the graffiti across the street, but so what]. He went on to tell me that the building is full of shares and egads, yes, hipsters, and there are no children in residence. Of course, not wishing to rent to a family is wholly illegal [the broker is clearly unaware of this] yet one has to give this broker a modicum of credit as he fully knows 239 Banker will blowup again with the DOB and to have a family evicted would not make for good press, particularly when the new owners just plunked down $9.1 million for this shipwreck.

Fascinating. Than again, given all the laws being broken here what’s another one?


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