New York Shitty Slideshow Du Jour: North ‘Point Selections

Late this morning, noticing that the weather had abated somewhat (and having a raging case of cabin fever), I decided a constitutional was in order. Ikept my peregrinations limited as:

  1. It was still quite blustery outside.
  2. I was (and am) working on (maybe) five hours of sleep.

Nonetheless, go out I did. Overall, I have to say the damage appears to be minimal. I was particularly pleased to see that both the Newtown Creek Kayak Launch and WNYC Transmitter Park appear to be relatively unscathed. Conversely, the same cannot be said about the manifold number of derelict/abandoned construction sites hereabouts. See the Bloomblight for yourselves, gentle readers.

Here’s the deal, folks:

I will readily admit our city’s response to Sandy was certainly laudable. However, to say there was (is) no infrastructural decay is to be disingenuous: there most assuredly is. All the previously-depicted sites have been problematic for years. With each and every passing storm— however minor or severe— these fences have collapsed, creating hazards for their neighbors and passerby.

Why is this allowed to continue?

You ask. Very simple: for wont of effective enforcement. In this respect the powers-that-be in our city’s government and enforcement agencies (the Department of Buildings in particular) should be ashamed of themselves. In any case, it’ll be interesting to see how long it will take for all of this to be cleaned up.


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