Greenpoint Photos Du Jour: Pot O’ Gold





In observance of today, St. Patrick’s Day, I share for your viewing pleasure one of yours truly’s favorite storefronts: the aptly named Dunne’s Polemost Liquors. As you can see, they have an entire window dedicated to this special day. The other is dedicated to Easter. It sports tequila. Exactly what this has to do with the holiday I have nary a clue. This is simply how Greenpoint rolls.

To close on a related note (things “Polemost”), this weekend I had an interaction with a very personable fellow hosting a vodka tasting at one of our local liquor stores. He offered me a sample. I politely declined. Then the Mister and I pointed extolled upon the marvel that is Spirytus. This fellow, who is apparently “not in the know”, asked us about it. We explained that it was not unlike Everclear and was 192 proof. Our new friend:

I thought it was 96 proof?

No sir, I replied. “It’s 96% alcohol. You can take a shot of it, hold a lighter in front of your face, blow it out and make fireballs.”

That’s serious.

He replied.

Why yes, yes it is— but (once again) that’s how we roll in the Garden Spot!


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