From The New York Shitty Inbox, Part II: Monkey Is Back


A friend and fellow cat lady named Lisa writes:

Meant to send you this sooner but I keep getting distracted. I’ve been told it’s a condition called “kittenhead” that afflicts people who care for bottle babies this time of year! Anyway, this really great couple stopped by our adoption event at Muddy Paws and brought the flyer attached. The cat looked familiar and the address was spot on. I pulled up my old flickr set and sure enough, IT’S MONKEY!

Monkey is NOT A STRAY!


You were able to draw attention to his living situation last time and probably were the reason his people responded in the flickr comments last time, maybe we can do the same this time. Their flickr accounts are stagnant and maybe they moved leaving Monkey behind? I’ll get some updated photos of the “Bloomblight” on my way to the new Indian restaurant tonight and send them, but the plywood with Monkey’s declaration is long gone as are the Enchanted Gardens as you know too well.

You can view a wonderful video of Monkey in “action” by clicking here. Otherwise, if anyone reading this knows to whom this winsome fellow belongs— or wants to provide him the loving permanent home he so richly deserves— please contact Kristen! Thanks— and spread the word!


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