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A lady named Christa writes:

5 people have been killed in this intersection and it is one block away from a school.  The community is demanding traffic calming techniques including a possible slow zone.

This petition has close to 250 signatures in 48 hours.

My interest in this is personal as my husband was hit by a car turning off of McGuinness Blvd.  Luckily, he wasn’t injured badly.  As our Assemblyman Joe Lentol says ““People here aren’t afraid of getting mugged – they’re afraid of getting hit.”

Here is another article from the “Daily News” (dated 2010) with the shocking statistic that “researchers witnessed drivers violate traffic laws every 17 seconds at Nassau Ave” at the exact intersection where Nicole Detweiler was killed as well as 4 others.

Please considering covering this story.  The last thing we need is another study from the DOT that goes nowhere.

Again, here is the petition if you post those on your site.  Personally, I think we need a 20 mile an hour slow zone on McGuinness since drivers regularly go 9 miles over the speed limit.  Most pedestrians will survive a crash from a car going 30 miles per hour, but won’t survive one going 40 miles per hour.

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