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April 18, 2014 by
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Attention all north ‘Point motorists! Please pay attention to this post and please circulate it to your brethren.

See the above parking space? DO NOT park there. Sure, it may appear to be a legal place to park— the white line cordoning it off would certainly indicate as much— but it is not. For the last week I have witnessed our local meter maids ticketing cars in this space with extreme prejudice. I have seen motorists protest that this space is legal, they paid the meter, etc. All to no avail. Inasmuch as I can understand (this is not exactly my area of expertise), the park sign was moved one space to the north. Hence rendering this space (white line or otherwise) into an ex-parking space. Spare yourself a parking ticket and a lot of aggravation and do not park here.

(a citizen explains this nugget of absurdity to a dismayed motorist)

That is all…

UPDATE, 12:02 pm: our beleaguered motorist has left and sure enough another fellow has fallen into the trap!

UPDATE, 4:48 pm: A lovely lady named Sherry writes

Yes, the bus stop was moved from the end of the block (Manhattan and India) one storefront down. Per Assemblyman Lentol, a Citi Bike station will not be going there but rather there will be some construction. Therefore, the buses need extra space.

So there have you!


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