Greenpoint Aluminum Siding Watch: 155 Calyer Street

December 30, 2009 ·
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After C raised the alarm about the work going on at 155 Calyer I simply had to behold it for myself. So this afternoon I swung by to get a look-see.


By all appearances they are gutting the interiors of both storefronts in order to rewire them. Do they have permits to do this? No, they don’t.


So far they have not touched the exterior. This is encouraging because:

  1. Under landmarking they cannot modify it. At least not excessively.
  2. It sports the only example in Greenpoint— and very possibly all of Brooklyn— of purple aluminum siding. Like it or hate it folks (and for the record, I like it), this IS in keeping with the character of our neighborhood!

Miss Heather

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