Urban Fur: Fresh Step

July 3, 2013 ·
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The aptly-named Prince protects the cat litter against theft at Pets On The Run. Is it just me, or do I sense a stellar product endorsement deal here?

Spotted At Pets On The Run: Adoptable Cuties!

July 24, 2012 ·
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This afternoon as I headed out to run a few errands I spotted a new (and as you can see adorable) face at this establishment. Intrigued, I decided to stop by later.

When I did I noticed this lass (?), clearly fatigued from standing guard at the front door, was out cold…

and that she has a “friend”!

Those of you who are looking for a furry companion (or two) should stop by and make their acquaintance. Eyeball-searing cuteness (as seen in the above photo) awaits.

Pets On The Run
989 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Spotted On Manhattan Avenue: Raccoon On The Run

January 25, 2012 ·
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This afternoon Manhattan Avenue had some added excitement in the way of a raccoon which had found his (?) way onto the fire escape above (ironically/amusingly enough) Pets On The Run. Was he or she a bit peckish and opted to get a little take-out? Quite possibly. Regardless, a raccoon (a nocturnal creature by habit) being at large during the day, much less in such a populated area, is not a good sign. Be mindful of your windows, north’ Point pet owners. These critters do NOT mix well with cats!

UPDATE, 5:00 p.m.: I have been told by the D. I. Hurson of the 94th Precinct that this fellow/lass has been delivered to Animal Care & Control and apparently our Finest were called to collect two opossums on Frost Street yesterday. Never a dull moment, folks…

Photo Credits: Anonymous

Spotted On Manhattan Avenue: Got Hair?

Cut it for a cause!

My day started with a pair of soiled manties at McCarren Park and later progressed to door-to-door pussy solicitations, so I guess it is only logical a hair drive would follow. The above flier (which hails from Pets On The Run) reads:

My Two Dogs will be donating as much fur as possible to a non-profit organization called Matter of Trust, which has createda fur collection drive. Both dog and human hair is adsorbent (sic), meaning oil will cling to it. The hair is stuffed into tubes (booms) made out of pantyhose. Then the booms are tied together to contain the oil spill.

So there have you. No mention of cat hair is made so I’m guessing it is not absorbent. Too bad.

Got Fur?
June 18, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. & June 22, 2010 from 4:00 – 7:30 p.m.
My Two Dogs
434 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Miss Heather

Urban Fur: A Working Class Cat

February 14, 2010 ·
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Oreo has come a long way since I have last written about him. Not only has he been neutered but now he sports a clean bill of health and keeps a careful watch over his place of business and pleasure: Pets on the Run!

Anyone interested in adopting this handsome (and hard-working) gent should swing by and talk to Zohar or Malik.

Miss Heather

Greenpoint Video Du Jour: There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays!

December 22, 2009 ·
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por(even in it is a foster home) If there is one thing the whole, sad “Lucas affair” revealed it was that the guys at Pets on the Run have a lot of heart. oreoFor this reason I am very pleased to announce that while their beloved companion* may very well be gone forever, it didn’t stop these good fellas from opening up their store and their hearts to another wonderful feline in need of a good home. His name is Oreo and as you can see in the image to the right, he is rather found of rawhide sticks.

I have been told by Oreo’s new step-dad that he was not always the feisty, handsome, one year old meat-loving chap you see here. Apparently his owners were about to throw him on the streets when these guys got wind of it and took him in. It should also be noted that Oreo was also sporting a rather nasty cold and they have lovingly restored him back to good health. He has since shown his gratitude by meeting and greeting customers and providing a little in-store entertainment! Which brings me to the following footage I shot of this lad in action. Enjoy!

It is my understanding that Oreo will be up for adoption after he is neutered. I for one hope these guys elect to keep him. The Garden Spot of the Universe can never have too many shop cats!

Miss Heather

*Who is missed by many, including one little girl named Lucia who made this heart-wrenchingly sweet sympathy card which hangs over this establishment’s front door.


It reads:

I’m sorry Lucas got lost.

From the New York Shitty Inbox: Another Catnapping?

Pets on the run

LarryTHUMBFriday night I shared with you the good news about Larry the bodega cat’s (who can be seen at left) heroic rescue and return to his rightful owner. I will not lie to you: I was ecstatic when I saw his “mom” toting him back home. Unfortunately my revelry was short-lived. You see, I awakened the next morning to find a most troubling email in my inbox. Jason writes:

Hey Heather:

I don’t know if you have heard about the store cat over at Pets on the Run (989 Manhattan btwn Huron and India)? It seems that either last week or early this week the good proprietor’s cat was stolen. When I went in there at the beginning of this week to get some cat food he was telling another customer the whole story and he was pretty broken up about the whole affair. I am wondering if there are any connections between Larry’s journey and this? The businesses are quite close to the cat vortex….

Obviously it cannot be established if the same person who took Larry (whose intentions were good, if misguided) has taken our dear Lucas (who can be seen with proud papa, Zohar, below).


Nonetheless I find this to be a very, very worrisome trend. What part of DO NOT TAKE SOMEONE ELSE’S PET does the perpetrator of this, Manhattan Avenue’s latest catnapping, not understand?

Lucas flier

If you have seen Lucas (who reputedly disappeared on Halloween) please contact his proud papas, Zohar and Malik, at the above telephone number (you can see this flier in larger format by clicking here). They (and Pet on the Run’s patrons) are heartbroken. Thank you.

You can see more pictures of Lucas (who it should be noted has a small tuft of white fur on his chest) via his foster mom’s web page.

Miss Heather

P.S.: It would appear another cat named Larry mas gone missing.


I found this flier on Metropolitan Avenue near Leonard Street, if my memory serves me correctly.

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