From The new York Shitty Inbox, Part II: Lost Cat?

September 21, 2013 ·
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A person we’ll call “L” writes:


This cat followed me home late last night and wouldn’t leave. It’s very friendly but was very hungry and dirty. It doesn’t have a collar only an old flee collar. It’s currently hanging out in our back courtyard with food and water. Would you mind posting it on your blog in case it’s owner is looking for it? Please don’t post my email address! The cat was spotted near Kent St and McGuinness when it started following me.


Adoptable Cutie: Meet Nellie

October 18, 2010 ·
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I recently recieve a rather disturbing email form my friend Jay at Dog Habitat. He writes:

We also have a female gray young cat that was left in a basket. She’s still here and we will find her a home as soon as we get her checked out by a vet. She’s a clinger- attaches herself to people (literally) so safe bet she had a home but was dumped on our door step. We’ve rescued quite a few abandoned animals in the 11222. Dogs tied to fences or left in the dog park and cats soaking in their own urine after bring unceremoniously stuffed in boxes with air holes cut out. Not cool.

Naturally I had to see this lady— and the container she was left in (which can be seen at left)— for myself. Guess what?

She’s a cutie! Follows is a little footage of this lady while Jay tells her story. Enjoy!

Don’t let her seeming camera shyness fool you: this is one very sweet-natured and gentle gal. Anyone who is interested in giving this winsome lass the permanent, loving home she deserves should contact the folks at Dog Habitat via email at: rescue (at) doghabitat (dot) org. Otherwise I will update this post once Nellie undergoes her check-up and (hopefully) gets a clean bill of health!

Paws crossed,

Miss Heather

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