Reader Contribution Du Jour: Ball of Cat

December 14, 2009 ·
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(Or as I prefer: Furball!)


I have long been meaning to write about the Oak Street kittens. Today I got a much-appreciated reminder via this lovely photograph by algul siento.

For those of you who are wondering, the slightly larger lass with the tipped ear is NOT the mother of these kittens. But that isn’t to suggest take her responsibilities seriously. Algul writes:

The one bigger one has been TNR’d you can tell by the eartip, but she has been so great taking care of each litter that is born in that yard, as you can see from the photo. I don’t think she would have difficulty adjusting to indoor status, given that she  is a giant lovebug.

The mother of this (and from what I have heard yet another) litter is feral and wants to no contact with human beings whatsoever. The same cannot be said about the kittens and their “stepmom”. While a bit cautious, these kittens are friendly and will gladly accept a head rub or two (I speak from personal experience when I write this). What they would like even more is a nice warm home. Maybe yours?

I have spoken to one of the folks whose front yard this little pride calls home. He told me these kittens are for adoption and that anyone interested in providing them a good home should speak to him. If any of you, dear readers, are interested in giving the gift that keeps on giving by taking one of these delightful critters home for the holidays shoot me an email at miss heather (at) thatgreenpointblog (dot) com. I will forward your inquiries to him.


Miss Heather

NOTE: I have been told the tabby kitten just got a home!

THIS WEEKEND: More Cat & Kitten Adoption Goodness!

Earlier today I shared with you the good news about Empty Cages Collective’s adoption event tomorrow at PS9. Well, there will be even more adoptable cutie goodness on Sunday at Williamspoint’s very own Muddy Paws.


As it would happen I know the folks who operate North Brooklyn Cats. Not only are they extremely dedicated, but they’re incredibly nice ladies to boot! Why not swing by and make the acquaintance of some of the finest felines to grace the Garden Spot of the Universe? Follows is a little footage of Avon (courtesy of Lisacat) to get you in the adoptable cutie spirit!

North Brooklyn Cats Adoption Event
November 8, 2009 starting at 2:00 p.m.
Muddy Paws
447 Graham Avenue
Brooklyn, New York  11211

Miss Heather

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