LAST GASP: Autumn Adoption Day At District Dog!

Check it out!

Autumn Adoption Day
November 12, 2011 starting at noon
District Dog
142 Driggs Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222

New York Shitty Day Starter: Found At The McCarren Dog Run

A good Samaritan named Christina writes:

Hi Miss Heather,

I am a Williamsburg resident and a dog owner of a while whopping year. I was at the dog park (McCarren dog run) on 9/13 and found an abandoned dog there. Poor thing had been tied up to a fence with no tags, no micro chip, etc.

Just look at this guy!!! He’s adorable. I took him home because I couldn’t just leave him there, you know? I took him to our vet and he’s around 8 years old, needs a dental cleaning, and is unfixed, but he’s probably one of the chillest dogs I’ve ever met. For real, all he does all day is sleep and sit in your lap.

He’s 9 lbs. Pretty tiny. So I’m asking if you’d post about him on your blog. He didn’t do anything wrong to deserve being abandoned, and the ASPCA said they would come pick him up, but that if he couldn’t find a home, he’d be euthanized. 

He’s really sweet and deserves the best. He enjoys kibble, long walks, napping, and water…. (the dog on the left is MY dog and is not up for adoption)!

Anyone interested in giving this cutie the care and forever home he deserves should contact Christina via email at: stina93446 (at) mac (dot) com

Thanks— and please spread the word!


Spotted On Bushwick Avenue: Alfred The Wonder Dog

I’m not certain if Alfred is still looking for a home, but anyone looking for a canine companion would be hard-pressed to beat this fella. Too cute!

Miss Heather

Found At The McCarren Dog Run: An Update

I am pleased to announce that this lovely lass who was recently found at the McCarren Park Dog Run has been given a clean bill of health courtesy of our local veterinarian, Brad Seaman! This evening she will be spayed and thereafter will be ready for adoption. If you or anyone you know, dear readers, are interested in giving this very sweet and well-behaved lady the loving home she deserves— or simply want to learn more about her— please contact her good Samaritan at the above-listed telephone number. Thanks!

Miss Heather

THIS SUNDAY: Adoption Event At District Dog

February 24, 2011 ·
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This item was brought to my attention the guys at Dog Habitat. This upcoming Sunday, February 27, they will be conducting an adoption event at their sister business: District Dog. As the above flier states, there will be pups ranging from “tiny to gigantic”. To give you, dear readers, a clearer idea of exactly what this entails (horrible pun completely intended) I am pleased as punch to introduce you to a few pups who will be at this event and are in search of good homes. Maybe yours?

Kiki, who was rescued from a puppy mill

Ella, who was rescued from Brooklyn Animal Care & Control

The name of this handsome little guy eludes me. However, he and his siblings were rescued from a puppy mill in Virginia.

And last, but hardly least, Misty.

If this lass looks familiar to some of you this is because she was found at McGolrick Park a couple weeks ago.

Dog Habitat Adoption Event
February 27, 2011 11:00 – 3:00 p.m.
District Dog
142 Driggs Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Miss Heather

P.S.: There will kitties available for adoption at this event too!

Photo Credits: the fabulous portraits gracing this post were taken by Shaina Fishman. You can view more of her work by clicking here.

From The New York Shitty Inbox, Part II: Diego Needs A Home!

Rebecca (who sent the above photographs) writes:

Diego was recently deposited at my house by his owner, who has been evicted from his home and is essentially homeless for an indeterminate period of time.  As I’ve known Diego since he was a puppy, I would really like to find him a home before I just leave him at the ACC or
some avenue such as that.  Diego is 1.5 years old, 110lbs, fixed, housetrained, crate trained, and adorable.  He has an AMAZING temperament, even for a puppy.  He was trained by a horse trainer, so walks incredibly well on a leash.  It makes a big difference when 110lb dog knows not to pull!  Attached is a YouTube video of him playing tug-o-war with my 9-year old pit/boxer mix, and some photos. He’s great with other dogs, and lets her be dominant and put him in his place.  Any help that you can provide would be GREATLY appreciated.  Diego deserves a good home, and not a short life. THANKS!!!

Thanks again for your help!!!

Anyone interested in providing Diego the loving home he deserves should contact Rebecca via email at: rbeshenk(at) gmail (dot) com


Miss Heather

SATURDAY: Adoption Event At Dog Habitat

October 7, 2010 ·
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This upcoming Saturday the folks at Dog Habitat and Unleash Brooklyn will be showcasing twelve of their most eligible pups for your adoption pleasure. I have it on very good intelligence that a furkid of the feline variety will be making an appearance as well. Check it out! Who knows, you might make a friend for life!

Dog Habitat Adoption Event
October 9, 2010 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.
216 Franklin Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Miss Heather

New York Shitty Mini Slide Show Du Jour: The Sights & Sounds Of The Garden Spot

October 3, 2010 ·
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It is on days such as this that I am reminded— once again— that I live in a very special place. God bless you, Greenpoint!

Miss Heather

P.S.: As always, you can view this slide show in larger format by clicking here.

From The New York Shitty Inbox: Calling All Creatures Great & Small…

September 20, 2010 ·
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(And The People Who Love Them!)

This item comes from my friend Jay at Dog Habitat. He writes:

Hey Heather! Here’s the scoop on the upcoming event on October 3! Could you please post early next week? We’re printing postcards and
posters that we’ll start handing out on Tuesday. THANK YOU!

Church of the Ascension and Greenpoint Williamsburg Mission in cooperation with Unleash: Brooklyn & Dog Habitat Rescue invite you
celebrate your beloved animal on October 3rd at 4pm at the Church of the Ascension. There will also be a service of remembrance for beloved
animals no longer with us — if you would like the name of your deceased animal read during the service, please send an email to ascensionbrooklyn (at) gmail (dot) com or call (718) 389-3831

Follows is the full rundown per the folks at the Church of the Ascension!

This St. Francis day, October 3, at 4 p.m. we will be holding an Animal Blessing and Remembrance service at 4pm at the Church of the Ascension (127 Kent St. between Franklin and Manhattan Ave — emphasize Kent Street, not Avenue!). It is a wonderful service for two reasons. First, animals bless us every day with their presence, their unconditional love and a communication that exceeds anything words could ever convey. Those of us who love animals, who live with them daily, feel as deeply toward them as we do toward humans (sometimes more deeply). On this day we gather to bless them, and ask for their health and joy in the coming year. In addition, we will be having a remembrance of those animals we love that have died. Losing an animal and the lack of closure or ritual around it is very hard for many of us left behind.  We hope that the solemn reading of their names during the service affords some sense of healing and shared mourning over these losses.

Beginning at 3:30 there will be a processional of rescue dogs from Dog Habitat Rescue. If you would like to join the parade we will be meeting at co-sponsor Unleash: Brooklyn (216 Franklin St between Huron and Green St) with the whole array of animals for a solemn, yet noisy procession (incense included) to the church — New Orleans style! If you prefer, you can meet at the church at 4 p.m. There will be tables outside the church to bring awareness to animal rescue concerns and rights issues. All are welcome – cats, dogs and all creatures great and small — inside the chapel for the service. At the conclusion of the service there will be a reception in both the back yard and front of the church replete with animal and human refreshments. Wine generously supplied by Lily from Dandelion Wine and her dog, Bonita (the cattle dog). The event is also sponsored by District Dog. Dogs must be on leash. Cats, rodents and other animals must be in carriers. Teddy bears may roam freely if accompanied by a child.

One such “rescue dog” is the cover canine gracing the flier at the beginning of this post. His name is Buster!

All Creatures Great & Small: Blessing The Animals and Service of Remembrance
October 3, 2010 starting at 4:00 p.m. (the procession of adoptable cuties— including Buster— starts at 3:30 at Unleash Brooklyn)
Church of the Ascension
127 Kent Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Miss Heather

P.S.: I can only hope Draco, the Greenpoint dragon and resident of Kent Street, gets blessed. Sometimes those we love (and, in return, love us) have scales!

Adoptable Cuties: Meet Peggy Sue, Spider & Rocky

July 16, 2010 ·
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As I wind down for this upcoming (and purportedly HOT) weekend I thought it would be nice to feature some adoptable pups from Greenpoint’s very own Dog Habitat. To this end Rob Maher and a vollie were kind of enough to introduce me to three of their very cutest: Peggy Sue, Daisy and Rocky.

Here’s Spider (AKA: Daisy).

Here’s Peggy Sue.

And here’s Rob giving us the 411 on these two ladies.

Last up here’s my personal favorite: Rocky.

This volunteer, Laura, was kind enough to help coax a good photograph of this lively two year old Jack Russell Terrier. Rocky was recently surrendered by his owner because he could no longer afford to take care of him (this kind of thing is regrettably becoming more common given today’s economy). If exceptionally curious pups are your thing, this is your man. Follows is some footage of Rocky doing what he does best: frolic!

How much of a charmer is this guy, you ask? Enough so to make a Bull Terrier named Maggie jump for joy. Or something. In any case this is too funny not to post!

Anyone interested in giving any of these three cuties the loving home they so richly deserve should contact the folks at Dog Habitat via telephone at (347) 601-8678 or via email at: rescue (at) doghabitat (dot) org.


Miss Heather

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