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The purpose of this post is two fold: shameless self-promotion (albeit for a cause— somewhat) and giving (long overdue) props to wonderful lady who— if I remember correctly— coined the term “stray cat strut” (for posts of a feline nature). I’ll start with the latter first:

Her name is Jennifer. She operates a site called Last Night’s Dinner. She resides in Rhode Island (or as I prefer to see it: she is a Brooklyn ex-pat operative in Rhode Island). Jennifer is a cat lover par excellence. She is also a damned good chef. And last month she received some very well deserved (and long overdue) press:


You can read this tome in its entirety by clicking here. Otherwise you can view the many culinary creations of Jennifer (and the occasional glimpse of her pussies, including June Bug who hails from Bushwick, Brooklyn U.S.A.) by clicking here. WAY TO GO, JEN! I think the Mister wants to marry you for your personality pork burgers.

Otherwise, I am proud to announce that I will be having an exhibition of my photography at Greenpoint’s very own TBD this December! The general premise/theme will be “(People) In My Neighborhood”. The details have yet to finessed (because I have to finesse them) but there will be an opening and all the works contained therein will be for sale.

I intend to allocate a portion of the proceeds to causes I am particularly fond of. Empty Cages Collective (whose rusty tabby graces this post) will be one of them. The Greenpoint Reformed Church’s Food Pantry/Soup Kitchen will be another. That’s the short list. Although I am a self-professed cat lady, I have no intention of leaving my canine compatriots out in the cold!

More details to follow.

Miss Heather

Meet Petal


This lovely lass not only needs a loving home, but has seen a lot in her 1-2 years. I will let her foster “mom” Rebecca, tell her story:

Petal, the small dog that I have been fostering & rehabilitating in my home for almost 6 weeks, is ready for adoption.  She was one of 53 dogs living in a basement in Texas.  Here’s the story about the mill raid at the end of May that yielded her.

She would do best in a quieter environment with sensitive and thoughtful people who will be patient and help her continue to work through her shyness and fear issues.  When she first arrived, she reminded me of Emily Dickinson in a 10-pound dog’s body.  But Petal has come a great distance in 5 weeks (there is a scamp in her that is slowly emerging!) and is going to make a wonderful, loving companion.

  • She has had all of her shots, has been de-wormed, has tested negative for heart-worm, and has been spayed.
  • Good with cats and non-pushy dogs.  Tends to be more fearful of men than women. She would not do well in a home with small children.
  • Loves to give kisses, to cuddle in your lap, and to sleep in the “big bed” with the rest of my menagerie. She is VERY excited when I come home.
  • Petal uses wee-pads consistently and is learning to go to the bathroom outside.

I am also building her leash-walking skills (she had never been outside of that house in San Angelo – imagine how overwhelming the stimuli of Greenpoint sounds & sights & smells must be).  Three weeks ago, “outside” was overwhelming for her, even with high value treats and my own dog as an example.  She would freeze and shake uncontrollably or try to hide under parked cars.  So I began taking her out with us in a travel bag slung over my chest – she could feel my warmth & breath, and heart, and she could hide in the bag if she wanted.  When she stopped shaking, I’d put her on the ground, and we’d get as far as we could that day.  One day at a time.  Last week she was able to walk to & from McCarren Park on leash & without bag time!!  That is 40 minutes!

Anyone interested in learning more about this beautiful lass— or better yet: wants to give her the loving home she so richly deserves— should contact Rebecca at:

rebecca11222 (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Prospective “parents”should be advised that there is an application process in order to adopt Petal. You can learn more about what this entails by clicking here. Otherwise you can see more lovely photographs of Petal here.

Miss Heather

TODAY: Homes For The Holidays

December 13, 2008 ·
Filed under: Crazy Cat Lady, Park Slope 

Today Empty Cages Collective will be taking their show on the road with an adoption event at NYC Pet Supply in Park Slope. If you happen to be in the area why not swing by and make a furry friend (or two)?

Homes For The Holidays Adoption Event
NYC Pet Supply
218 Fifth Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11215

Miss Heather

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