Urban Artifact: Anthony Street


Taken April 3, 2013.

Greenpoint Photos Du Jour: Mixed Signals

June 8, 2010 ·
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So what do you think this space will be:

  1. A supermarket?
  2. A medical clinic?
  3. An auto supply store?
  4. All the above?

Please tender your votes via comments.

Miss Heather

P.S.: I’m hoping for “the above”.

Reader Comment du Jour: Much Ado About Dougherty

November 5, 2009 ·
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sgtdothumbAs some of you might recall yesterday I wrote about a curious quintet of wooden containers I spied at Sgt. Dougherty Playground. I surmised them to be planters. Today I learned per the head honcha of this effort we’ll call C that I was quite correct. She writes:

Hi Miss Heather!

I have started the ongoing project at SGT Dougherty Park…though it does seem very little people come through this park, I have observed that to be only somewhat true. There are a number of workers in the vicinity who, during summer and warm days, venture to the park for lunch. That and more…I was surprised to see a number of handball players as well as drug traffickers, and just wanderers trek through, and sit…Anyways

The beginnings of the raised beds (which you have pictured and posted), are going to be planters with benches surrounding them for the workers and gardeners to sit on.

I held a volunteer day back in September, and received a small donation for the start-up of this project. I don’t have a pick-up truck, or vehicle for that matter, so the project’s next pick up day is next week when i rent a truck. I plan to pick up zoo doo from the Bronx Zoo, and bring it back to fill in the beds with, along with leaves and mulch on top creating an anaerobic compost party during the winter months, in turn, creating a super soil for the flowers to be planted in, in early spring.

Want to come volunteer? or Post about my volunteer days?

Naturally I told her to keep me in the loop, so you can anticipate updates regarding their progress, volunteer days and fundraisers in the future. In the meantime you can learn more about what’s shaking at Sgt. Dougherty via their blog. Check it out!

Miss Heather

Spotted On McGuinness Boulevard: Hay

November 4, 2009 ·
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I have no idea what this is about. Is this an attempt at an eco-friendly crash barrier or a feeding station for Roy and Trigger? I suppose only it’s creator knows for certain. I saw we toss in a few pumpkins and a scarecrow or two. McGuinness Boulevard could use some holiday cheer!

Miss Heather

P.S.: While I’m on the subject of parks and open space does anyone know what is going on at Sgt. Dougherty Playground?



If I had to hazard a guess I’d say these are planters.


Given this park’s rather lackluster location (READ: a trucker bomb’s toss from the BQE and the Kosciuszko Bridge) I suppose this is a positive development. Then again, taking into account that the only time I have seen a person at this playground it was a gentlemen named Jemal composing music on a saxophone (because he didn’t want to bother anyone) it makes me wonder how meaningful this addition will be. If a rose grows in Sgt. Dougherty Playground and no is around to smell it is it any less fragrant?

Bi-Borough Photos Du Jour: People In My Neighborhood


Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg


Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg


Vandervoort Avenue, Greenpoint


Anthony Street, Greenpoint





Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint


Crosstown Local, Queens


5th Street, Long Island City


44th Drive, Long Island City.

Miss Heather

Great Moments In Subliminal Advertising: Anthony Street

March 17, 2009 ·
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This is wrong on so many levels.

Miss Heather

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