New York Shitty Feral Mattress Watch: Post July 4th Special

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This value-added specimen (which a fellow we’ll call “J” was kind enough to bring to my attention) hails from Nassau Avenue between Diamond and Newell Street. Lest you are wondering, gentle readers, it is still there as of the writing of this post. Cheers!

From The New York Shitty Photo Pool: Uh Oh

September 7, 2014 ·
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Looks like someone on Manhattan Avenue between Green and Huron Street has some “guests”…

(Taken by autovac.)

The Word On The Street: Greenpoint Avenue



And the “truth in advertising” (intended otherwise) award goes to…

(Taken December 15, 2013.)

Reader Contribution du Jour: Worse Than A Guard Dog?

October 26, 2011 ·
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That’s what Jay, who photographed the above item at 199 Huron Street, asks. This in turn begs the question as to whether there is such a thing as nice bedbugs? I cannot honestly say that I am terribly eager to find out…

From The Brooklyn Daily Eagle Archives: I Just Want My Pants Back

June 8, 2011 ·
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Of all the curiosities to be found in the Garden Spot this item, which hails from 106 Clay Street, is by far yours truly favorite. It is not only an absolutely stunning hand-painted sign but it is also a reminder of the people who were here before us. A number of you, dear readers, may not be aware of this but at one time Greenpoint had a rather significant Jewish population. These individuals largely immigrated from Germany, Poland and as the above sign indicates: Russia. Regrettably, 106 Clay Street is probably the only vestige left of these peoples’ existence; when they moved on, they took their culture with them. To cite an example, where the C-Town now stands was once the site of a synagogue. There are others.

In the case of 106 Clay Street I have done research and have for the most part come up empty. The only information I could find was via the Department of Buildings: the first floor once housed a social club (which I think it is safe to presume was the Russian People’s Home of Greenpoint). On a lark I decided to run a search this afternoon (Hey, I’m not walking around in this weather!) for “Russian” and “Greenpoint”. Among the items I found was the tale of twelve Russian immigrants with a problem anyone in 21st century north Brooklyn can understand: bedbugs and purloined apparel. Without further ado here is “Dynamite” from the December 11, 1882 edition of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Enjoy!

I love a happy ending!

Miss Heather


Spotted On Bedford Avenue: Got Bedbugs?

May 23, 2011 ·
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Disclaimer or otherwise, I hope this woman was well compensated for having her face grace this solicitation. Come to think of it, this reminds me of that episode of “Friends” when Joey becomes the unwitting spokesmodel for venereal disease awareness posters. Very funny.

Miss Heather

Williamsburg Street Seating du Jour: Tourism Special

This is the vision which met the Mister and I last weekend as we were strolling down Bedford Avenue. The above-depicted (and really nice) ladies and gentlemen were very interested in our interest in their little photo session. One even offered to let us sit there next. We declined and then tried— and failed— to explain the good news about the widespread bedbug problem in north Brooklyn.

I sincerely hope these folks do not come away from their vacation in our fair city with a little “added value”.

Miss Heather

New York Shitty Day Ender: Sign of the Times

February 23, 2011 ·
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From the 8th Avenue bound L train.

Miss Heather

Greenpoint Feral Mattress Watch: 1023 Manhattan Avenue, Revisited

February 21, 2011 ·
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L, (who took the above follow-up photo of this item today) opines:

Look it has frosting now!! Looks like a ghetto Pop Tart! Heehee!

Indeed. Nonetheless, I cannot help but wonder how the bedbugs are faring in these inclement conditions. WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE STOP AND THINK ABOUT THE BEDBUGS?!?

Miss Heather

Greenpoint Feral Mattress Watch: Manhattan Avenue

February 19, 2011 ·
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When mattress is torn up in such a fashion hereabouts it usually an indication it has bedbugs. I mention this bit of information because not too long after I took the above photograph I saw young child jumping up and down on this item. In plain view of her mother.

Miss Heather

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