Garden Spot Photo du Jour: A Very Greenpoint Stroller Mom

October 20, 2009 ·
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As you can probably ascertain by today’s delayed postage, I decided to table the blog for awhile and go for a walk. The way I see it, winter will be upon us soon enough so I should enjoy every last drop of sunshine and shirtsleeve weather while I can. It was on Green Street that I encountered a threesome who shares my sentiment—  even they do not have to wear shirtsleeves (or pants, for that matter).


The occupants of this double-decker “stroller” for the fashionable furry set are (from top to bottom): King Billy, Milo (to the right) and Chuck Norris (to the left). Yes, you just read me correctly: somewhere in our fair burgh there is a cat named Chuck Norris— and he likes (or at least doesn’t seem to mind) touring our streets in a stroller.

In the course of our conversation his “person” told me that at some point she plans to adopt a brother for Chuck and his buddy Milo. His name will be Clint Eastwood. I wonder if they make triple-deckers?

Miss Heather

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