Reader Contribution Du Jour: Of Paws & Print

This lovely lady is named Jasmine. As you can see she takes her responsibilities at her place of work (the newsstand at the corner of Norman Avenue) very seriously. This image comes courtesy of the camera of Jay Lombard of Dog Habitat. Great capture!

Closing on a related note, I would like to remind everyone that Dog Habitat’s upcoming fundraiser,¬† “Poker Unleashed”, is scheduled for this upcoming Sunday, April 11, 2010 starting 2:30 p.m. I have it on good intelligence there are still a few slots left. Those of you who are interested in participating should contact the guys (and gals) of Dog Habitat via email at: pokerunleashed (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

Miss Heather

TOMORROW: Affordable Healthcare

March 27, 2010 ·
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(For Your Pet!)

Jay Lombard of Dog Habitat/Unleash Brooklyn writes:

Unleash Brooklyn and Brooklyn Cares Vet (Clinton Hill) are doing our part to help keep our pets healthy and happy! We’re offering our first Wellness Clinic – THIS SUNDAY MARCH 28th 2-6pm @ 216 Franklin Street Brooklyn, NY 11222 Canine & Feline Wellness Exams and Vaccinations Brooklyn Cares Vet will be setting up shop at Unleash. As Spring arrives it’s important to make sure your dog or cat is up to date on all of his/her vaccines…. Come meet Dr. Mann this Sunday from 2-6pm. Make an appointment @ 718.710.0707 Time slots are filling up quickly. We may be able to accommodate walk-ins if we get cancellations.

I know a lot of the folks reading this have pets but are on a tight budget. This is a great opportunity to get your pup (or kitty) a check-up without draining your wallet. Check it out!

Wellness Clinic

Sunday March 28, 2010
2:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Unleash Brooklyn
216 Franklin Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Miss Heather

Greenpoint Videos Du Jour: Adoptable Cutie Cavalcade!

March 13, 2010 ·
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I don’t know about you but the weather today is— to put it nicely— a bit rough. Instead of staying home with a case of the rainy day blues I decided to head over to Dog Habitat and meet a few of their newest adoptable cuties. They definitely made me smile and I am certain you will too. Without further ado here they are!

First up, we have Sasha. She is an eight month old Staffordshire Terrier mix rescued from the Center for Animal Care and Control. She’s a bit shy but nonetheless very sweet. I’ll let Jay take it from here.

Next up we have Monkey. Not only is he too is a Staffie mix rescued from the Center For Animal Care and Control but he lives up to his name! It was very difficult to shoot a photograph of Monkey because he was more interested in giving puppy love than aping for the camera— as you’ll see!

For those of you who fancy furkids of the more diminutive variety I present for your Saturday afternoon entertainment this sweet pair of Chihuahua/Jack Russell terrier mixes: Milo (as seen above) and his more outgoing brother Hootie.

Last up, a little something for the cat lovers. A comely one year old chap named Westly. Not only is he very friendly, but he sports some, um, interesting assets.

Those of you who care to know more about the “markings” referenced in the previous video can click here for the reveal. Anyone who is interested in providing a loving home to any of these lovely (and loving) furkids should contact Dog Habitat via telephone at (347) 601-8678 or via email at: rescue (at) doghabitat (dot) org.

Miss Heather

Adoptable Cuties: Meet Annie, Oliver & Nicole

February 4, 2010 ·
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Today was a trying one for yours truly. The general pattern (if in fact there was one) seemed to be people trying to get on my nerves. A number of them succeeded in this endeavor beyond their wildest expectations. This is no small achievement. Inasmuch as I talk a good game the fact of the matter is I am a peace-loving individual. Life (READ: being a former civil servant) has taught me patience— even if it is derived from the “give them enough rope” school of thought— is a virtue. It is for the aforementioned reason that after receiving a salvo of abuse from a particularly nasty individual I was amused when she tried to storm out of the junk shop in a self-righteous huff —only to discover she couldn’t figure out how to open the door. It is such small vindications in life that make it worth living.

Another thing that makes yours truly’s life tolerable on days such as this are fur kids. Now that I think about it I have one that has mastered the art of opening doors. Perhaps he could give the aforementioned person some pointers? But I digress. Needless to say after the previous fiasco¬† I was very excited to swing by Dog Habitat and make the acquaintance of some lovely adoptable cuties in need of loving, permanent homes. Who cannot help but smile when meeting Annie, Oliver and Nicole? As you will see!


These two 17 weeks old Shih Tzus were recently turned over to Dog Habitat because their owner lost his job and experienced a family emergency. In other words, he was not in a position to take care of them and elected to do the right— if emotionally painful— thing: place them for adoption. It was “nap time” when I swung by today so Annie and Oliver were in rather subdued (but very cute) form. Here’s a video of them in (in)action while Jay tells us their story.


Conversely, this young (1 year old-ish) lass was very eager to get out of her (admittedly luxe) accommodations and get some lovins! I’ll let Jay take it from here.

Anyone interested in making the acquaintance of Annie, Oliver, Nicole or any of the other lovely, loving companions* Dog Habitat has for adoption should contact them via telephone at (347) 601-8678 or via email at: rescue (at) doghabitat (dot) org. In closing, I’d like to mention that next week the guys (and ladies) of Dog Habitat/Unleash Brooklyn will be having a fundraiser with a distinctly Valentine’s Day twist:

Check it out!

Speed Dating For Pet Lovers
February 10, 2010 starting at 8:30 p.m.
Price of admission: $15.00
Dog Habitat/Unleash Brooklyn
216 Franklin Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Miss Heather

*Who were too pooped to be filmed this afternoon!

TOMORROW: A Casino For Canines

January 30, 2010 ·
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I’m not a betting gal unless I have a sure shot. The Mister can attest to this. We once disputed rather vociferously over a mafia graveyard we saw on public television. The Mister said it was in Brooklyn; I said it was in Queens. I won. One dollar. For the rest of you animal lovers…

Casino Night
January 31, 2010 starting at 4:00 p.m.
Unleash Brooklyn/Dog Habitat
General Admission: $5.00
216 Franklin Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Everyone wins at this event. Peeps for pups (and kitties too)!

Miss Heather

From The New York Shitty Inbox: Toby Project Update

December 9, 2009 ·
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tobythumbYesterday I wrote a post announcing that the Toby Project Spay and neuter van will be paying a visit to Dog Habitat this Thursday, December 10. Well, I have just received word from Jay Lombard that all the slots are taken! He writes:

Thank you for being such a great friend to dog habitat. Just got off the phone… and all the slots for tomorrow are now full. Please let your readers know we won’t be able to accommodate any walk-ins.

Those of you who are interested in spaying or neutering you dog or cat but did not get a slot in time, don’t despair! You can click here for a calendar of where their spay and neuter vans will be for the remainder of this month. It looks like the closest location to Greenpoint/Williamsburg will be Bedford Stuyvesant. Their van will be 1216 Fulton Street December 23rd.

Miss Heather

THURSDAY: Toby Comes to Dog Habitat

lefteyeJay Lombard of Dog Habitat tipped me off to this one. Who— or more accurately, what— is Toby, you ask? It is an organization which provides free spaying and neutering among many other things. Here’s their mission statement as gleaned from Toby’s web site:

The Toby Project will end the killing of tens of thousands of adoptable dogs and cats each year in New York City’s municipal animal shelters by preventing the births of unwanted dogs and cats.

We will make New York City a true “no-kill’ city by delivering free spay/neuter services to all five boroughs of New York City using mobile surgical vans specifically equipped for this purpose. By reaching out to targeted communities, our aim is to prevent the breeding of the very dogs and cats whose offspring account for most of the animals relinquished to our municipal shelters, where they are often killed.

The Toby spay/neuter van will be paying a visit to Dog Habitat this Thursday, December 10 at 8:00 a.m. sharp.

Free Spay & Neuter
December 10, 2009 at 8:00 a.m. ALL SLOTS ARE FILLED!
Dog Habitat/Unleash Brooklyn
216 Franklin Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Do the right thing, dear readers: spay and neuter your pets. I may very well be a crazy cat lady, but the fact of the matter is I am not very crazy about the number of stray and malnourished cats I see in north Brooklyn (like the lovely lady gracing this post). It breaks my heart.

Miss Heather

Williamspoint Photos Du Jour: Urban Fur




South 5 Street



Manhattan Avenue


Lorimer Street


Clifford Place


Meserole Avenue

In closing, here’s an item that might be of interest to you dog lovers out there: Dog Habitat’s Black Friday Adoption Event!


Jay Lombard (of Dog Habitat, who sent me the above image) writes:

Hey lady! We wanted to invite you to visit our adoption event tomorrow from noon to 5 p.m. Eight rescue dogs available for adoption from puppies to adolescent age. Pure breeds and brooklyn mutts. Please help us find homes for these beautiful pups!

I was initially confused by Jay’s missive. There are no ladies at New York Shitty. But I do appreciate the sentiment and will certainly make it a point to swing by and say “hi” these lovely pups. You should too.

November 27, 2009; 12:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Dog Habitat/Unleash Brooklyn
216 Franklin Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222

In closing this post goes out to Lisacat who did her best to assuage the suffering of an auto shop cat named Bondo. I am certain wherever he is (junkyard cat heaven?) he is grateful for your hard work. I know I am.

Miss Heather

P.S.: While I am (ostensibly) on the subject of fur, I discovered something on Manhattan Avenue today that really bothered me.


The above photograph graces Forgotten-NY’s Greenpoint page. Regarding this wonderful example of old school signage Kevin Walsh writes:

When you’ve got a good sign, you don’t need to ever replace it. The old school phone number, probably EVergreen, is still there too.


That is, of course, unless you are Belvedere Partners Corporation. In which case you drill a “For Sale” sign on top of it. I can’t honestly say I am surprised that they saw fit to do this. These folks have been peppering north Brooklyn with balconized Neoclassical crap for years. One of their latest opuses graces Skillman Avenue. It’s a real beauty. It goes without saying you can look forward to seeing it on New York Shitty. Soon.

Some Sunshine On a Crappy Day: Emi

November 12, 2009 ·
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Today after having my umbrella rent asunder no less than FIVE TIMES by the wind while taking a walk I realized I was going to have to find another means of entertaining myself. The interwebs were out— I spend enough time on them already. So I swung by Dog Habitat to see how their newest rescue, Emi, was faring. She had just completed her final round of medications, was one day of out quarantine and, as you will see, was rearing to go!

Per Rob Maher (who was kind enough to let me shoot the above footage and give a general run-down about Emi), she has a basic knowledge of commands such as sit, stay, and so forth. Emi wasn’t very interested in displaying her new-found knowledge when I visited her— but can you blame her? After being isolated which would you choose: obeying commands or playing with a nifty squeak toy in Unleash Brooklyn’s rumpus room?

The answer (if you are Emi, anyway) is obvious!

Anyone who is interested in meeting Miss Emi and giving her a forever home should contact the guys (and gals) of Dog Habitat via email at: rescue (at) doghabitat (dot) com.

Miss Heather

From The New York Shitty Inbox: Moving Day?

November 4, 2009 ·
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Jay (of Dog Habitat, who forwarded me these photographs) writes:

Found these – a pair of prosthetic legs – on the curb along Mcguinness and Broome St. Not one, but two legs. Maybe they were worn out after the marathon?


…A close up – you can see Millie inspecting the legs. I was walking her for a client when she discovered the limbs. Maybe she’s a cadaver sniffing dog?

Some of you might recall that this makes the second set of prosthetic legs that have been found on north Brooklyn’s streets this week. What gives?

Miss Heather

P.S.: On a related note, meet Dog Habitat’s latest rescue: Domino!


You can view this flier in larger format by clicking here.

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