Great Moments In Brooklyn Real Estate: Curb Appeal

October 6, 2012 ·
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It’s not exactly clear where this domicile is located. Sure, it is listed as being in Greenpoint (and near P.S. 31, no less) —but the copy goes on to state in is located in Gravesend. Yours truly finds this interesting as these two neighborhoods are located on opposite ends of the Borough of Kings. This of course begs a number of questions. Among them:

1. Is Gravesend the new Greenpoint?
2. Has anyone actually voiced interest in this apartment? I mean, the above image does not exactly exude “curb appeal”— but with loft living being all the rage perhaps I am simply being old fashioned?

Those of you who are intrigued by this item can view this advertisement with your own eyes by clicking here. Happy hunting!

Props go to Miss Mousey Brown for this find.

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