Greenpoint Degentrification Watch: IMBY

Last winter, dear readers, Chez Shitty got it’s first bona fide gentrifier: a young woman replete with a SUV-sized stroller and a toddler to accompany it. The residents took this (along with said stroller occupying our hallway) in good humor until our new neighbor decided things needed to change in her new abode. More specifically she decided that the smoke emanating from certain apartments was— despite the manifold number of other health hazards to be had in the Garden Spot— injurious to her young un’s health. To this end she posted an anonymous sign— in the dead of winter— admonishing everyone to open their windows when they smoked. Not only was this missive poorly received (it was ripped down before I could photograph it) but her attempt at anonymity was downright comical: all the residents on my building have lived here for at least five years. Most longer. We communicate with each other when we problems arise. We do not leave notes. Suffice it to say we knew who the note came from and got a big chuckle out of it.

Now jump forward to August 29, 2010. When I left the building this was posted on the front door.

One the one hand I would be remiss if I didn’t experience more than a little schadenfreude when I read this missive. We all leave crap in the hallway— at our own risk. I tend to leave stuff I want taken (it’s been my observation that clothing and “men’s magazines” go pretty fast). One the other, I feel a little bad about this boy’s lost guitar. Not that I am going to lose any sleep over it, mind you. Straight up: if you value your property keep it in your apartment.

Miss Heather

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