From The New York Shitty Photo Pool, Part II: Just Go With It

February 17, 2011 ·
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Laser-eyed Anniston

As a general rule I try to refrain from posting more than one work from any given member of my photo pool on any given day. This choice find by WarmSleepy, however, is so exquisite I decided to just go with it.

Miss Heather

THIS WEEK: Meet “The Bountys”


This upcoming Saturday, August 15, starting at 1:00 p.m. Muddy Paws will be hosting an adoption event featuring some very special felines from none other that the Garden Spot of the Universe!


The name for this adorable quintet of kitty cuteness is “The Bountys”. I’ll let their founder/stepmom, Orange Genius, tell you their story.


The Bounty Hunter kittens were living in this big, long cast iron pipe in an industrial lot in Greenpoint. They were playing at the end when I spotted them while I was running. Since I have encountered most of the kittens I’ve rescued while running, it has been suggested to me that I take up running in a gym. On a treadmill. Nobody finds kittens on treadmills.


That’s Piper, who got her name because she would NOT come out of the pipe, peering out her front door at me when I first saw these kittens. One of her brothers cavorts on the family roof.


Four of the five Bounty Hunter kittens that were living in a cast iron pipe in an industrial lot in Greenpoint. The lot is used by film crews and members of the crew of the upcoming move “The Bounty Hunter” helped me and Lisacat get the last two holdouts out of the pipe.


It’s hot in the room where I’m keeping them, and Casidy, named after the Aniston character in the movie, is all stretched out. She’s a very pretty torbie with a patch of orange on her head.


Still dirty from the lot, Hunter experiments with a life of luxury….


Milo, top, and Bounty, bottom, were only two ounces apart in weight. But two ounces is a lot when you only weigh a little over a pound.

Cat & Kitten Garden Party
August 15, 2009 starting at 1:00 p.m.
Muddy Paws
447 Graham Avenue
Brooklyn, New York  11211

If the previous photographs (which come courtesy of Orange Genius) are not enough to motivate you to swing by and say “Hi” to these Greenpointers with whiskers* I do not know what will. Too. Cute. For. Words.

Miss Heather

*Or better yet: adopt one!

Greenpoint Photos Du Jour: Gearing Up For “The Bounty”

June 14, 2009 ·
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Happy B DayNYS

Tomorrow they will commence filming The Bounty, an “action/comedy” featuring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler right here in Greenpoint. Provided the weather holds. When I told one of the men charged with overseeing the last minute preparations that the weather is going to be iffy, he said:

We’ll work with it.

You gotta love an attitude like that. Here’s a slide show of how things were shaping up when I walked by today. Enjoy!

To close on a more local note Champion Coffee, arguably one of the best purveyors of java in north Greenpoint, will be closed until June 19th.


Coffee lovers needing a Monday (Tuesday and Wednesday) morning commute caffeine fix should plan accordingly. My recommendation: Cafecito Bogota. Not only are the co-proprietors of this business incredibly nice chaps, but the cholados are amazing!

Miss Heather

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