New York Shitty Day Ender: Missing On McKibben Street

This missive hails from 248 McKibben Street. If you have seen this kitty or know of his (or her) whereabouts please call his/her people at the above telephone number. Thanks!

Miss Heather

Found On Huron Street: A Kitty

April 13, 2010 ·
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G (who sent me the above photograph) writes:

We found this guy wondering around our back yard here at 149 Huron. We thought he might be a neighborhood cat, but, he was there for two days (we fed him of course). Anyway, one of our neighbors took finally talked the guys at Brooklyn Unleashed into keeping him. He is really really sweet, not an ounce of aggression. If we didn’t have two already we would have adopted him. Anyway, if anyone is missing this little guy, that is where he is or if you want to give him a good home!

If you know who this fella belongs to or if you would like give him the loving home he deserves please contact Dog Habitat via email at:

rescue (at) doghabitat (dot) org


Miss Heather

From the New York Shitty Inbox: Another Catnapping?

Pets on the run

LarryTHUMBFriday night I shared with you the good news about Larry the bodega cat’s (who can be seen at left) heroic rescue and return to his rightful owner. I will not lie to you: I was ecstatic when I saw his “mom” toting him back home. Unfortunately my revelry was short-lived. You see, I awakened the next morning to find a most troubling email in my inbox. Jason writes:

Hey Heather:

I don’t know if you have heard about the store cat over at Pets on the Run (989 Manhattan btwn Huron and India)? It seems that either last week or early this week the good proprietor’s cat was stolen. When I went in there at the beginning of this week to get some cat food he was telling another customer the whole story and he was pretty broken up about the whole affair. I am wondering if there are any connections between Larry’s journey and this? The businesses are quite close to the cat vortex….

Obviously it cannot be established if the same person who took Larry (whose intentions were good, if misguided) has taken our dear Lucas (who can be seen with proud papa, Zohar, below).


Nonetheless I find this to be a very, very worrisome trend. What part of DO NOT TAKE SOMEONE ELSE’S PET does the perpetrator of this, Manhattan Avenue’s latest catnapping, not understand?

Lucas flier

If you have seen Lucas (who reputedly disappeared on Halloween) please contact his proud papas, Zohar and Malik, at the above telephone number (you can see this flier in larger format by clicking here). They (and Pet on the Run’s patrons) are heartbroken. Thank you.

You can see more pictures of Lucas (who it should be noted has a small tuft of white fur on his chest) via his foster mom’s web page.

Miss Heather

P.S.: It would appear another cat named Larry mas gone missing.


I found this flier on Metropolitan Avenue near Leonard Street, if my memory serves me correctly.

MISSING: A Very Special Cat

September 15, 2009 ·
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I encountered this flier on Wythe Avenue and North 7 Street today during my ramblings in Williamsburg. No name for this lovely tuxedo lady was provided but given she sports a couple extra toes and “crooked tail” that should make her easily identifiable. If any of my Northside friends have seen this stunning lass or know of her whereabouts please contact her person, Margarita, at the above telephone number.


Miss Heather

New York Shitty Day Ender: Has Anyone Seen Tiger Lily?

August 14, 2009 ·
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If you have seen Miss Lily or know of her whereabouts please contact her “person” at the above telephone number ASAP. As the above flier indicates she has a purple collar and health problems which require medication. Suffice it to say time is definitely of the essence!

Miss Heather

Lost In Greenpoint: Tina Turner

May 26, 2009 ·
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You know, every now and then
I think you might like to hear something from New York Shitty

Nice and easy

But there’s just one thing
You see, I never ever do nothing

Nice and easy

I always do it nice and rough
So I’m gonna take the beginning of this post

And do it easy

Then I’m gonna do the finish rough
This is the way I do lost cat named Tina Turner proud!

This weekend I had dinner with some good friends of mine at Casanova Restaurant. Located on the Garden Spot of the Universe’s answer to the Champs-Élysées (READ: 388 McGuinness Boulevard), it has been my observation that many will not give this sorely underrated eating and drinking establishment a whirl. This is a shame: the food is good, the price is right, the service gracious, the wait staff courteous and the rear dining room is fabulously decadent.

What does my previous effusive endorsement of an Italian restaurant have to do with a lost cat, you ask? My answer is very simple: pleasant surroundings are conducive to enjoyable conversations. And enjoyable conversation was the main course this particular evening. Upon hearing one person’s encounter with a “rat-sized” tea cup chihuahua named “Vinny” we aired our respective opinions about pet names. One person present said he was amused by pets who have “human” names ( “Vinny”).

I told him I found pets named after inanimate objects fascinating. Especially food: “Tortilla”, “Chocolate”, “Pickles” (who I was told was dumber than a bag of hammers) and Uni, my very own calico, are examples to name a few. When I adopted Uni from her college student “parents” (who were, not surprisingly, Japanese) they said I could change her name. I didn’t want to: it suited her purrrfectly.

For better or worse what we are trained to answer to is not our decision to make. Speaking for myself my mother picked “Heather” for me because she thought it was “unique”. 30-odd years of hindsight (and being mistaken for any one of another “Heathers”) proved her wrong. But I digress.

What’s in a name? Well, in this case, quite a bit.


If anyone has seen Miss Turner please contact her person at the above-listed phone number or email address. And before you judge this pet owner for his choice of pet names I’d like to remind you I have a cat named Frances. As in Frances Farmer.

She has always been “cantankerous”, this I will confess. Shortly after I had her spayed— 15 years ago— I decided to go out of town for the weekend. When I came back home she hissed at me, climbed atop my pile of laundry, looked me in the eye and took a shit. As a senior kittizen she has slowed down considerably— but Miss Frances (AKA: “Stinky”) gets her digs in when she feels like: two weeks ago she pissed on Mister Heather’s head. While he was sleeping, no less.

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet?

— Williams Shakespeare

Miss Heather

Green Street Mama Cat Is MIA!

February 4, 2009 ·
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Fliers like this break my heart. Unlike a lot of people who can no longer afford their pets and simply toss them out on the street or dump them at the nearest feral cat colony the person who lost this cat simply didn’t know any better. A popular misconception (which leads to the conception of a lot of kittens) is that nursing cats cannot go into heat. They can and will. And when female cats go into heat they make every effort to escape. That’s what happened here.

If you have seen this lovely momma cat or know of her whereabouts please contact her person at either of the above telephone numbers. Not only is this man heartbroken, he wants to get her spayed before she has any more kittens.


Miss Heather

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