Reader Contribution Du Jour: Saturday At The Park

Stefano Giovannini, who took the above photograph yesterday afternoon, writes:

someone should do something about this… these are the porta potties near the track at McCarren Park. i could not believe. i’d rather pee in the bushes

And, as he later noticed, one parks patron elected to do just that…

This is inexcusable folks. Really.

P.S.: While I am on the subject of north Brooklyn’s crappers it is with sincere displeasure that I note that the Jamie Campiz Playground “ladybug”(which some of you might recall is part of my “No Toilet Left Behind Project”)  isn’t faring very well…

Upon closer examination I noticed the hinge is not broken.

Rather the nut had come loose and instead of, say, simply placing it back it was thrown away.

To be continued…

From The New York Shitty Photo Pool: Puddle Tree

puddle tree

Taken by Miss Mousey Brown.

Miss Heather

Williamspoint Photos Du Jour: Old School, Part II

Associated FoodNYS

For your delectation this chilly Saturday afternoon here is a second installment of vintage photographs from Greenpoint and Williamsburg as culled from my collection. Among the treats in store are a number of wonderful photographs from Manhattan Avenue, the Green Oaks Club and Peter Pan Bakery; and a shot of our very own State Representative Joseph Lentol looking incredibly stylish. Enjoy!

Note: as an added bonus I tossed in some printed material. It is a document outlining the proposed changes and upgrades to be made at McCarren Park. Be sure to view the accompanying map at full size. It’s a hoot!

Miss Heather

UPDATE, 9:40 p.m.: It has been brought to my attention that the rather handsome chap at far left wearing “earth shoes” is none other than Community Board 1’s very own manager, Gerry Esposito!

Williamspoint Photos Du Jour: Summer Doldrums

July 1, 2009 ·
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Huron Street


Lorimer Street


Franklin Street


McCarren Park



It would appear those new trees Mayor Bloomberg planted are not the only wood to be found in McCarren Park nowadays.


Perhaps the folks at the Parks Department should offer the naming rights to the McCarren Park Pool to Larry Flynt? I am certain he, just like this gentleman, would rise to the occasion.

Miss Heather

North Brooklyn’s Newest Park!

June 29, 2009 ·
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(Or: A Modest Proposal)

An area I am particularly fond of knocking around in East Williamsburg  is the Grand Street stop of the L. This isn’t because it is particularly nice (it isn’t). Rather, I find the industrial and residential patchwork of this community fascinating. I never know what I’ll find. This was especially true of my last trip down Grand Street. It was at 910 (just east of Bushwick Avenue) where I found the following.


Hmm, this must be some of that affordable housing I have heard so much about?

I thought to myself.


It isn’t.


It’s a park.


And a pretty nice one at that!


There was nary a dog turd, drunken horde of rowdy teens or trace of corporate sponsorship to be found. In regards to the latter most, maybe there should be? A number of you, dear readers, are probably aware that the Parks Department is in dire financial straits nowadays. This is one of the reasons why they’re trying to sell the naming rights to the McCarren Park Pool. Some of my fellow citizens have cried foul over this. I say the Parks Department is not going far enough.


I would like to humbly recommend that our fair city enlist some corporate sponsors partners to build a dozen of these bad boys and station them around north Brooklyn. Hell, the Transmitter Park site is available and 65 Commercial Street, being a parking lot, would be ideally suited for one or two of these portable oases. The possibilities for directly advertising services of special interest to the residents of 11222, 11211 and 11206 are endless! 1-888-bunion-1, bedbug extermination services and of course my good friend Hongo Killer immediately come to mind.

Miss Heather

Presenting “The McCarren Park”

May 27, 2009 ·
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One thing Mr. Heather has really been getting into of late is the art of mixology. I suspect it appeals to his meticulous nature. What’s more, if the past two months of being the Mister’s guinea pig are any indication I’d go so far as to say he is well on his way to becoming a true cocktailian. His take on Singapore Slings, Martinis and Manhattans have all been tested on yours truly. I cannot honestly say I cared much for any of them.* Give me tonic water and decent bottle of gin and I am content. I like to keep things simple.

I mention the previous because I have been racking my brain to come up with a cocktail honoring the glory that is the Garden Spot of the Universe. The “Greenpoint”, “Greenpoint Oil Spill” and “Newtown Creek” are all eagerly waiting manifestation from someone’s creative ether. Unfortunately I am not that someone: I possess neither the expertise nor wherewithal to make this happen.

Luckily as I was walking down Lorimer Street this afternoon I spied a concoction which I have dubbed “The McCarren Park”. Not only are its ingredients easily found in many of our local stores but it is also very easy to make! You can create your own McCarren Park by following these simple steps:


1. Get one bottle of Sobieski vodka.
2. Add one bottle of Gatorade (fruit punch is featured in the above photograph but feel free to use your imagination)
3. Drink the previous until you pass out.


4. Wake up.
5. Repeat steps #1 – #5

Miss Heather

*Okay, I have to confess: I like Aviations.

Williamspoint Video Du Jour: The Hungry March Band

April 26, 2009 ·
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As promised here is a a little footage of the Hungry March Band strutting their stuff at yesterday’s Kite Fest. Playing on the baseball diamond proved to be too hot to handle (because it was— SWELTERING— I can attest to this personally) so they decided to take their show on the road. Enjoy!

Those of you who want to learn more about the Hungry March Band (or simply want to listen to more music!) can do so by clicking here and here.

Miss Heather

North Brooklyn Photos Du Jour: Urban Fur

April 22, 2009 ·
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Kingsland Avenue



Manhattan Avenue


McCarren Park


Roebling Street


South 1st Street



South 2nd Street

Miss Heather

Happy Easter From New York Shitty!

April 12, 2009 ·
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Mister Heather took this great photograph of a not-so-rascally rabbit getting a little play time in McCarren Park recently. Follows is a slide show I compiled of some shots I took in the greater 11222 area to celebrate this Easter Sunday. Enjoy!

Get off the computer already and enjoy the sunshine!

Miss Heather

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