The Word On The Street, Part II: McCarren Park


Taken June 16, 2013.

The Word On The Street: But…


From McCarren Park.

From The New York Shitty Inbox: “Geraldo Tree” 2.0



The man himself!


These shots were taken today and come courtesy of Citizen Christine. Who opines…

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn!

Geraldo Rivera returned  to his childhood park — our very own McCarren Park — and planted a tree.  This tree replaces the original Geraldo tree which was uprooted during Super Storm Sandy.  Geraldo donated that tree nearly 20 years ago.  When it fell down the community reached out to him via his radio show and twitter and he wanted to help and donated the new tree.

It was nice to see Geraldo, the new Geraldo tree and the Geraldo Wishing Stump all in one place.



UPDATE, 7:39 p.m.: You can read the New York Daily News’s take on this momentous event by clicking here.

Greenburg Photo Du Jour: “Waterlillies”


From Lorimer Street.

Urban Artifact: 13 Days & Counting…



It’s almost two weeks now and as of this morning (11:42 a.m.) the McCarren Park Hypodermic Tree is still in effect. My dedication to documenting this caught the attention of a passerby. He too took a moment to capture this curiosity with his camera.



After asking me how long this had been there (I told him “about two weeks”) he noted it had been used and added:

Kids could get their hands on this. That’s not good.


Urban Artifact, Part II: Seven Days & Counting…



Urban Artifact: Special “Just Say No” Edition



New York Shitty analysis:

Glass Half Full: You know spring has in fact arrived when the hypodermic trees start to bloom.
Glass Half Empty: You we have a serious substance abuse problem hereabouts when even the trees need a fix.


Those of you who wish to marvel at this wonder of nature (perhaps the Audubon Society should be consulted regarding this hitherto undiscovered species of flora?) can do so by heading to Lorimer and Bayard Street. Walk northward on Lorimer Street. It’s the ninth tree on the western side. WARNING/CAVEAT to curiosity seekers/our municipal authorities: this item appears to be used.

Greenburg Photo Du Jour: From McCarren Park With Love


Taken February 14, 2013.

New York Shitty Photo Du Jour: Live From McCarren Park

Today, despite the bracing weather, yours truly went for a sojourn around points north Brooklyn. The purpose of these peregrinations was two-fold:

  1. Simply to get out of the house
  2. To fulfill a request from a reader

The latter required I go to the park called McCarren. Anyhoo, after I did what I needed to do I happened across the above fellow (?). He was feverishly engaged in collecting material for (what I presume to be) his “mancave”. As you can see this includes a used bit of (what I hope to be) facial tissue, some leaves and a stick he sported like a staff. All in all, it was very entertaining. So much so I had to film him in action. Enjoy!

The Word On The Street: McCarren Park

Taken November 15, 2012.

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