Reader Contribution Du Jour: Greetings From Banker Street

March 23, 2013 ·
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Special thanks go to the artist, Henry Ng, for sharing this lovely image with me! You can see more of his work by clicking here. Check it out!

Greenpoint Photo Du Jour: Norman Avenue


Taken March 3, 2013.

The Word On The Street, Part I: Norman Avenue


Taken January 26, 2013.

Greenpoint Photo Du Jour: Street Eats

January 13, 2013 ·
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This item (which was found gracing a bench outside Angel Bakery on Norman Avenue) just goes to show somewhere there is a bun with your name on it. Bon appetit!

From The New York Shitty Inbox: What’s Up At 172 Norman Avenue?

December 20, 2012 ·
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A fellow we’ll call “M” writes:

Hey Heather,

How are you? Long time, no chat. Any idea what’s up with the storefront with the sign reading “Best Margherita” on Norman between Jewel and Diamond?

There was a flurry of activity going on there up until about two weeks ago and now nothing.

It’d be nice to have a place to get a slice around there.

This sounded eerily familiar so I poked around the New York Shitty archives. Sure enough, my instincts were spot on!

NOTE: the above blog post hails from May 30th, 2012. Clearly the “three month” estimate was a bit off. Nonetheless, a pizzeria 172 Norman Avenue will be!

Best Margherita Pizzeria
Opening Date: T.B.A.
172 Norman Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222



From The New York Shitty Inbox: Enough Already

November 15, 2012 ·
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A lass we’ll call “K” writes:


For the last 3 years or so, there has been a recurring issue on Monitor St and enough is enough! Cars parked along Monitor, usually between Greenpoint Ave and Norman, close to the corner of Norman, are repeatedly being broken into. It’s always the same MO, the driver side window is smashed in and whatever loose change or valuables that are in easy reach is stolen. My brother-in-law’s car was hit last night… and it’s actually the second time. I’ve personally seen at least a dozen different cars that have been broken into in the same spot, in the same fashion. According to neighborhood gossip, the culprits are a group of kids that live in the area, only a block or two away. It’s time that the police address this problem. Nightly patrols past the area, better lighting and a security camera installed would go a long way. And if there are witnesses that can identify these kids, how are they still getting away with it?

I’d appreciate it if you could post and bring some attention to the problem.


Unfortunately, there will be no more 94th Precinct Community Council meetings this year (the one scheduled for this month was cancelled due to the nor’easter). However, I have forwarded K’s email to the head of the 94th Precinct, Deputy Inspector Hurson, so he is aware of the situation. In closing this is as good a time as any to remind everyone that regardless of where your vehicle is parked do not leave your valuables in plain sight where would-be thieves can see them. “Smash and grabs”, as they are known, are quite a problem here!

New York Shitty Day Ender: Norman Avenue

November 6, 2012 ·
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One of the Garden Spot’s more colorful citizens voices his displeasure at the absence of Crosstown Local service. Or something. In any case, keep those signatures coming, north Brooklynites!

Lost In Greenpoint: Myrtle

October 8, 2012 ·
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Although I “tweeted” this over the weekend, here it is again.

If any of you have seen Myrtle or know of her whereabouts please contact her people at the above-listed telephone number, email address or web site. She is loved and missed. Thanks!

New York Shitty Day Ender: From Greenpoint With Love

Norman Avenue

Moultrie Street

Spotted On Norman Avenue: True Love

September 23, 2012 ·
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Taken September 22, 2012.

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