Urban Fur: May I Help You?

January 16, 2011 ·
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Pablo the Bodega Cat: Hunts Point Bronx

This handsome (and many-toed) fellow is named Pablo. He hails calls Hunt’s Point, Bronx his place of work and play and comes courtesy of Chris Arnade. Great capture!

Miss Heather

Found On Freeman Street: A Very Special Kitty

In the hopes of a repeat of Socks’s triumphant return to his rightful owner I present to you this found cat flier from Manhattan Avenue. No gender is indicated but I seriously doubt there are many black cats with extra toes running amok on Freeman Street. If you know to whom this lad (or lass) belongs please contact his (or her) good Samaritan at the above-listed telephone number. Thanks!

Miss Heather

UPDATE, March 16, 2010: I have been told this kitty is safely back at home! Anne writes:

Kitty, temporary named “Bathroom Cat”, was claimed by his owner on the first floor of the building the next day (March 10).  Bathroom cat was awesome and fat.  And that is that.

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