Urban Fur: Chiquito

April 17, 2012 ·
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Today while strolling down Broadway I spied a new (and very cute) face. One which, as you can see, needed a little prompting from his people to pose for the camera. His name is Chiquito (Little Boy) and he calls Broadway Hardware his place of enjoyment!

Urban Fur: Le Grenier

November 3, 2010 ·
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This summer I learned the proprietress of Le Grenier, Maya, got an unexpected visitor in the way of the orange and white tabby you see at left. She wrote:

Hi — wondering if any of you North Brooklyners have seen signs for a missing orange cat?

One has just appeared in my garden and she’s definitely a lost family pet — very friendly, cuddly and charming, clean and seems to have been well fed / cared for.

I’m giving her food, water & friendly ministrations but am not sure how long she’ll stay back there (no clue how she even got in, it’s completely enclosed) and I can’t bring her inside (our Galileo is FeLV+) so I’m hoping to track down her owners quickly.

I helped to spread the word but, alas, no one came forward. No worries: yesterday, as I discovered, she has a new home— and a job! I wrote to Maya:

I got some lovely photos of her today. She pranced along the window mewing at me the whole time (didn’t capture that but I thought you’d like to know she is keeping a very watchful eye over your business!). Very cute. Plan on posting a few pix tomorrow!

To wit Maya replied:

After posting signs everywhere and calling local vets for many weeks, with no reply I of course decided to keep her (my friends have officially dubbed me The Crazy Cat Lady)…  Her name is AmiCat…

AmiCat watches.

And watches.

And when AmiCat deduced that yours truly was neither a threat nor a food giver she proceeded to ignore me. Such is the life of a pampered pussy— and quite frankly I am envious.

But when Maya is in the house, well, it’s another story altogether. READ: naptime!

Le Grenier (now presided over by AmiCat)
19 Greenpoint Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Phone: (718) 569-0111

Miss Heather

Photo Credits: AmiCat napping is courtesy of Maya Marzolf.

Urban Fur: Ellie

October 30, 2010 ·
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From Manhattan Avenue.

Miss Heather

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