A Greenpoint Blind Item

It is a well known fact that Larry (as seen at left) is without argument Greenpoint’s most famous the bodega cat. He likes to get around. While this usually entails keeping a particularly vigilant eye (or would that be paw?) over the canines which patronize his place of work and play (that being A. J. Farms) he has a horde of furry friends. In fact, if you look carefully on the left hand side of the counter at this establishment you will see a photo of him hanging out with a few of his homies. But did you know a particularly fetching feline hereabouts has become his regular breakfast date? I didn’t. It was put to me this way:

He comes in every morning, eats some of her food and sits with her. They cannot “do” anything*… but they like each other!

For the reveal, click here!*

Miss Heather

PHOTO CREDITS: Larry guarding the am New York newspaper stand comes courtesy of Jay Lombard.

*Both parties have been neutered. I can personally attest Larry has been micro-chipped.

**Anyone know this mystery woman’s name and from where she hails? I do!

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