Williamsburg Photos du Jour: Season’s Greetings From Graham Avenue

Taken December 30, 2011.

Highlight From The Community Board 1 Public Safety Committee Meeting: Pips Presents

All things considered last night’s proceedings were short and sweet. The list of aspiring liquor license holders was (all things being relative) brief and those present were for the most part prepared. I also am pleased to report that the same can be said for the men of the Public Safety Committee. Being the gatekeepers of booze* for both Greenpoint and Williamsburg they have seen and/or heard almost everything in the way of a “novel” eating and drinking establishment applications.

And as of last night I can personally attest that they can add a new one to the list: a ping pong table tennis parlor/art gallery which will serve wine and beer. Yes, you have just read me correctly.

The above photograph was part of “Pips” application.

Naturally good-humored questions about “beer pong” were bandied about. The young men behind this endeavor assured everyone present there will be no such nonsense; Pips is first and foremost an art gallery and ping pong parlor. Questions about the art gallery and ping pong parlor proper were also raised. The applicants stated these two spaces were separate— unless of course an artist wanted to show his/her work in the ping pong parlor. Then they’d make an exception. This made sense.

Thus the application was recommended for approval and provided (of course) their application passes the muster of the Community Board 1 and the State Liquor Authority— and it probably will— Williamsburg, the city of New York and very likely the world will have the very first ping pong table tennis parlor/art gallery legally sanctioned to serve suds. And wine.

Pips Ping Pong Table Tennis Parlor & Art Gallery
Opening Date: TBA
155 Roebling Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211

NOTE/CAVEAT: Ping pong and art lovers alike should be advised that Pips was only allotted ten stools— so be prepared to enjoy your libations standing up.

*Note: their decisions are only “advisory”.┬áIn other words the State Liquor Authority or a City Councilperson can overturn their decisions with caprice and the stroke of a pen.

Word Of The Day: Boob

September 20, 2010 ·
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When I showed the above images to my buddy at Bad Advice yesterday she was non-plussed. Then I pointed a rather, um, well-worn copy of Irresistibility that was located 6 feet in front of said “installation”.

We chuckled. Naturally when I got home I researched this tome. Here’s my favorite passage per amazon across the pond:

Irresistibility comes from the persuasive pen of Philippa Davies, a psychologist who numbers Tony Blair amongst the high-profile clientele she has coached in self-presentation skills. In today’s competitive market place, “it is no longer enough to be good at what we do, we have to be able to sell our skills to the world”, she opines, before launching into a training course of confidence-building and sales psychology techniques to ensure that we capitalise on our under-exploited potential.

Her philosophy to becoming personally and professionally irresistible operates on both internal and external levels. In tandem with underlining the importance of believing in ourselves, running through tricks to counter low self-esteem and overcome the negative thought patterns that prevent us from reaching our goals, she shows us how to dazzle the outside world with a display of confidence and capability. Self-assurance is the key to selling ourselves as desirable commodities: after all, “if you don’t believe in what you’re selling, how do you expect anyone else to?” And even if at first we are only bluffing, the positive feedback we will receive through projecting irresistibility will help us to sell ourselves even more successfully.

This combination of inner-self stroking and targeted strategy looks set to become an instant classic and makes indispensable reading for all of us who know we could do better. After reading this, there are no excuses!

My observation from the other side: boobs help. Take Sarah Palin, for example.

Miss Heather

Williamsburg Street Art Du Jour: Misfit

August 13, 2009 ·
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From Berry Street.

Miss Heather

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