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My buddy at Bad Advice (who took the above photograph) writes:

It’s been a while since I wrote about all the exciting new construction going on in my neighborhood (Williamsburg), but as the condos next door are finally on the market, I thought I’d give an update. That dirt patch there might look kind of crappy (more on that later), but it’s actually the backyard to the first-floor condo you see there—the stairs lead up to the spacious deck you can see in this shot:

When the buildings were being slapped up (and nearly destroying my building in the process), the project manager/foreman/whatever told me they were going to be rentals because the market was sucking it so hard. Apparently someone had a change of heart because not only are these condos—they’re pricey condos! The one you see there is listed for $660k!!! Sure, it’s under 900 square feet, but hey, it’s a pet-friendly building, so there’s that… the contest I’m running is to name the stretch of dirt that runs between my building and the fabulous new condo. I’ve already seen several people using it as a toilet, so I’m thinking something like “Pee-Pee Park” or “Crap Alley.” But as I’ve been under the weather, my naming faculties aren’t operating at peak capacity. So see what you can come up with—the scattier the better—and leave your entry in the comments. As for the prize—well, I think it’s only fair that the prize gives something back to the original(ish) inhabitants of the neighborhood. The ones who can’t afford to buy fancy new condos or $300 t-shirts at Bird. So I’ve decided that the prizewinner will get $50 donated to the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen in their name. I wish it could be more, but, unlike many of my new neighbors, I’m not exactly sitting on a trust fund over here.

Get cracking, Greenpointers and Williamsburgers! You can tender your submission(s) by clicking here.

Miss Heather

Photo Credits: Bad Advice


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