Spotted In Greenpoint: More Hate

Anonymous (who took the above photograph) writes:

Hi Miss Heather,

I hope you are well.
I recall you once did a story on this. I found that sticker again, on a stop sign at the corner of Calyer and Newel.
I alerted 311 and the police, but I still found it up there when I biked by there 5 hours later.

As I have written before, these stickers are produced and distributed by a recognized hate group. If you happen upon one please report it to the police. STAT. In closing, here’s another such sticker I found recently on Manhattan Avenue.


Miss Heather


2 Comments on Spotted In Greenpoint: More Hate

  1. DavisNYC on Fri, 7th May 2010 3:31 pm
  2. This is truly vile. Although I hate to say it, but I have friends who have experienced racial incidents in Greenpoint. I think it’s at least partially because of the older Polish element who aren’t used to a diverse society. Someone I know who has an Indian wife stopped going to some of the Polish bakeries and other small businesses because they simply refused to serve his wife. And I know somebody who was subjected to a rant against Jews and “stupid Americans” in a liquor store by an obnoxious, drunk old Polish guy.

  3. missheather on Fri, 7th May 2010 4:57 pm
  4. DavisNYC writes: I think it’s at least partially because of the older Polish element who aren’t used to a diverse society.

    This is to some degree true. However, you need to be mindful that there are skinhead groups here which consist largely of recent Polish immigrants. I’ve seen them around the neighborhood now and then. Usually between Calyer Street and Driggs Avenue east of Manhattan Avenue. The right-wing paramilitary crap they espouse is, to some extent, imported: its source lies in Eastern European neo-Nazi groups.

    And it is tolerated—- if not tacitly approved of— by certain older segments of the population. Personally, I am sick of this shit.

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