What Not To Do This Weekend

August 20, 2019 ·
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UPDATE, 8/21/19: From a buddy of mine who contacted The Warsaw. Here what he had to say:

I just received a statement from The Polish National Home . The Polish National Home and Warsaw does not share the views that this man is talking about and that this event was advertised without our consent. CANCELLED!

If you all are looking for something to do this weekend, I would kindly like to recommend inquiring of the Warsaw why they provide a platform for holocaust deniers.* Yes, not only is this fellow a holocaust denier but he is the second one the Warsaw has provided a forum to this summer.

To get the full rundown as to what’s up with his dude, I strongly recommend you go to this Twitter string by Venture Communist and give it a read. Among other things, this fellow has been banned from YouTube for hate speech, believes Elie Wiesel is a fraud; believes Jews were active collaborators with the Nazis in the Holocaust and much, much more. Trust me folks, you will come away disgusted.

*Be sure to mention Marek, the manager. He handles the music side. He is apparently who is bringing these CHUDs in.

Spotted In Greenpoint: More Hate

Anonymous (who took the above photograph) writes:

Hi Miss Heather,

I hope you are well.
I recall you once did a story on this. I found that sticker again, on a stop sign at the corner of Calyer and Newel.
I alerted 311 and the police, but I still found it up there when I biked by there 5 hours later.

As I have written before, these stickers are produced and distributed by a recognized hate group. If you happen upon one please report it to the police. STAT. In closing, here’s another such sticker I found recently on Manhattan Avenue.


Miss Heather

Williamsburg Photo Du Jour: Rhyming Couplet

April 16, 2010 ·
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From Bedford Avenue.

Miss Heather

Greenpoint Photos Du Jour: Point/Counterpoint

December 7, 2009 ·
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Meserole Avenue at Manhattan Avenue


1059 Manhattan Avenue


Taken December 7, 2009.

Miss Heather

Greenpoint Photo Du Jour: 708 Manhattan Avenue

December 1, 2009 ·
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Another one bites the dust. Keep it up, Greenpointers!

Miss Heather

P.S.: I have brought this to the attention of the NYPD.

Greenpoint Photos du Jour: Zeitgeist

November 8, 2009 ·
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Today’s “day starter” was probably a more than ample indication that I kicked off this beautiful day in a rotten mood. For those of you who are not “in the loop” I will use this post as my personal wailing wall:

  • Friday morning Chez Shitty had neither heat nor hot water.
  • Friday night Chez Shitty had heat and hot water.
  • Saturday night Chez Shitty had ample heat and NO hot water.
  • Sunday morning Chez Shitty was sweltering but no hot water was to be had from our taps.

After some investigation on the Mister’s and my part we deduced that only one of the three plumbing stacks in our building were, in fact, providing hot water. Or to put it another way: only one third of our building had hot water. Yet we were the first and to my knowledge, ONLY, people to complain about this. Go figure.

I consider myself to be a pretty simple person. I don’t ask for much. Life promises very little other than paying taxes and dying. I endeavor to use the time I have to enjoying myself, getting to know people and helping make my neighborhood a better place for those who are here presently and those will (inevitably) come.

The previous are difficult to do when one’s hair looks reminiscent of Don King in his prime and one’s skin is itching for lack of proper hygiene. A number of people (the Mister included) romanticize foreign locales or “the good old days”. I am not one of these people. I do not want to live in a world without:

  • Penicillin
  • Woman having the right to vote
  • Legalized birth control
  • Indoor plumbing/sanitation

And the all too relevant subcategory under “Indoor plumbing/sanitation”: HOT WATER. Does this make me arrogant American? I think not. I believe the latter most three points to be a human right (as a majority of humans populating planet earth are women). The first is a given— or if it isn’t— it should be.

Then again, I think feminine hygiene products (and birth control, for that matter) should be free. This may strike some as socialism but I see it as common sense. Viagra and its numerous brethren are covered by many health care plans in New York State but birth control and maxi pads aren’t. And now, thanks to certain politicians those who may have to seek the recourse of abortion, can’t .*

A friend of mine was once told (by a female practitioner, no less):

If you want to play, you gotta pay.

What is wrong with this picture? As I made it clear at the beginning of this post, dear readers, I am NOT in a good mood. But I digress.

This morning I was faced with two options:

  1. Stay home and fume over having no hot water.
  2. Go for a walk and fume over having no hot water.

I chose the latter. Follow are highlights from my jaunt with commentary. Enjoy!



Anyone who has ever has to stand in line at Rite Aid (which is where this missive hails from) will understand the author’s state of mind. It’s almost as bad as our Post Office. ALMOST.




A stuffed dog. On a leash. 100% Greenpoint.


Jew York

A flickr contact of mine, Jon Feinstein (a very talented photographer), documented something identical to this in Williamsburg. He tagged his photograph as being “antisemitism”. I’m not certain if that is what is going on here.


But this annotation certainly suggests antisemitism on someone’s part. Which party, I do not know.

And last, but hardly least, what is probably the best piece of street seating I have ever beheld!





Clearly I was not the only person who was in a shitty mood today.

Miss Heather

*Those of you who take issue with “House Vote 884” AKA: The “Stupak” Amendment, click here for a list of who was naughty and nice.

East Williamsburg Street Furniture Selections


Eviscerated on Catherine Street.


Existentialist angst on Grattan.



And antisemitism on Moore. If this is supposed to be funny or “ironic” I am not getting the joke.


Hatred is not a laughing matter.

Miss Heather

P.S.: While I am (titularly) on the subject of north Brooklyn Nazis, check this out. It is pretty intense. Special thanks go out to Amanda for bringing this to my attention.

UPDATE, 6:33 p.m.: Apparently a Facebook group has been formed to battle Greenpoint Nazi Skinheads. See the comments section for more details.

From The New York Shitty Inbox: Helicopters?

Shashi writes:

know anything about those incessant helicopters over greenpoint from 6-7:30 in the morning? traffic copters? how does one complain about them?

Truth be told Shashi, I am not 100% clear on what your recourse is. However if you are writing in reference to the helicopters flying around the waterfront this morning methinks I can give you answer. I have it on very good intelligence that our very own Mayor was in the far north Garden Spot conducting some kind of dog and pony show which we will undoubtedly be subjected to in the near future. I am certain the message will (more or less) be:

Everything’s just great!

Had our fearless leader bothered to actually step out where the common peasants live he would quickly ascertain things most decidedly are not.


Looks like the natives are getting restless.


I hate Greenpoint Nazis.

Some of my colleagues amplifiers in the print media might have noticed I have given no indication whatsoever as to where either of the previous items are to be found. You can rest assured they are in Greenpoint and the lack of naming their specific locations was no oversight on my part. If you are going to earn your livelihood plagiarizing my work I’m going to make good and damned sure to make you work for it.

Now that I have undoubtedly sent a pack of hack reporters scurrying around the Garden Spot looking for Nazi lamp posts*, do you have any advice, dear readers as to how Shashi should handle her noise problem? My educated guess is she needs to call 311 and file a complaint with the Department of Environmental Protection.

Miss Heather

*Oh yeah— if think you’re being clever by referencing the comment Tony left on this post:

This is much better than the swastikas I’ve been noticing on lamp post bases lately… just saw another today on Nassau @ Russell.

You’re not. As of 3:00 this afternoon there were no swastikas whatsoever to be found at this location. My guess is (given the police presence I saw there) they had been made note of and removed. Happy hunting!

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